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Pour associer votre compte PassMedia avec votre compte Europe 1 en toute sécurité, validez votre email : épidémie de coronavirus a entraîné un confinement national, Lille : les chambres de commerce veulent créer un revenu minimum pour les petits patrons, Pour Sarah Ourahmoune, "Emmanuel Macron a reconnu que le sport était indispensable", Jean Castex prépare les esprits à un déconfinement avec des "dispositifs de freinage", Coronavirus : comment expliquer le faible nombre de cas quotidiens à Paris, "On entend bien les profs et les élèves" : quand le distanciel au lycée se passe bien, Confinement : les commerçants maintiennent la pression pour ouvrir dès le 27 novembre. [37], On 10 April, the lockdown was extended until 3 May, and starting from 14 April stationery shops, bookshops and children clothing's shops will be allowed to open. Le thème de la vaccination revient sur le devant de la scène avec le coronavirus. The lockdown started in Northern Italy on 8 March 2020, but later expanded to the whole of Italy a day later, COVID-19 community quarantines in the Philippines, 2020 Indonesia large-scale social restrictions, "Sondaggio Demos: gradimento per Conte alle stelle", "Un uomo solo è al comando dell'Italia, e nessuno ha niente da ridire", "Two first coronavirus cases confirmed in Italy: prime minister", "Italy reports third confirmed case of coronavirus", "Factbox: Latest on coronavirus spreading in China and beyond", "Italian towns on lockdown after 2 virus deaths, clusters", "What towns in Italy are on lockdown because of coronavirus? [39] Moreover, he allowed the re-opening of closed factories, but schools, bars, restaurants and barbers were still closed. Une prise de parole qui doit intervenir en amont du 1er décembre, date à laquelle il avait donné rendez-vous aux Français le 28 octobre... Auditionné à l'Assemblée nationale mardi, le Premier ministre Jean Castex a affirmé que des mesures restrictives perdureraient après la fin du confinement. En France, plus de 40.000 personnes sont mortes du SARS-CoV2, le nom scientifique du virus. Dr. Francis Collins, the director of the National Institutes of Health, supported the study’s findings, writing on his blog, "This study leaves little room to refute a natural origin for COVID-19.". [13] Conte later clarified in a press conference that the decree was not an "absolute ban", and that people would still be able to use trains and planes to and from the region for "proven work needs, emergencies, or health reasons". Le nombre de cas recensés en Europe depuis le début de l'épidémie... Bruno Le Maire a revu à la baisse les prévisions de croissance française pour l'année 2021. [4] A third case was confirmed on 7 February, with the patient being an Italian man evacuated from Wuhan. Ecco i veri numeri degli spostamenti verso sud", "Italy's drastic containment rules doesn't seem to have changed life much", "Coronavirus, chiusa la Lombardia e altre 11 province", "To contain coronavirus, Italy will restrict movement across much of its northern region, including the city of Milan", "All of Italy facing coronavirus lockdown", "As Virus Spreads, Italy Locks Down Country", "Coronavirus, Conte: "In Italia fino al 25 marzo chiusi i negozi tranne alimentari e farmacie. [13] La Repubblica reported that hundreds of people in Milan rushed out to leave the city on the last trains on Saturday night, as a part of a rush in general to leave the expanded red zone. Mais le milliard et demi mis de côté pourrait ne pas suffire à couvrir les dépenses nécessaires à une vaccination massive. Avec trois vaccins américains et russe bientôt mis sur le marché, la course au vaccin prend un tournant décisif. [43] The Berenberg Bank revised its forecast for the Italian economic growth in 2020 from -0.3% before the lockdown to -1.2%. [47], The FTSE MIB, Italy's benchmark stock index, fell 11 percent on 9 March when the market reopened, dubbed "Black Monday". Selon les informations du journal Le Figaro, Le président de la République Emmanuel Macron va s'adresser aux Français dans la semaine du 23 novembre. Le ministre de l'Economie espère toutefois un retour à l'activité d'avant la crise d'ici fin 2022. "Our analyses, and others too, point to an earlier origin than that," Garry said. Par la loi sur la déclaration obligatoire des maladies infectieuses, les laboratoires doivent transmettre les résultats des tests pour certaines maladies infectieuses dans des délais bien définis. La pandémie de Covid-19, maladie qui appartient à la famille des coronavirus, a éclaté à l'hiver 201 And while many believe the virus originated at a fish market in Wuhan, China, Garry said that is also a misconception. [68], The Director-General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom, praised Italy's decision to implement the lockdown, saying the Italian people and government were "making genuine sacrifices" with these "bold, courageous steps". [53], On 3 April, Google published a series of mobility reports, using aggregated data to show the trend of how busy some categories of places were, and comparing them to a baseline evaluated in the months of January and February. Après une baisse pendant l'été, l'épidémie est fortement repartie à la rentrée, entraînant de nouvelles mesures restrictives dans de nombreux pays. Additional lockdown restrictions mandated the temporary closure of non-essential shops and businesses. [22] La Repubblica later reported that this was an exaggeration and that, through an analysis of telephone cells, less than 1,000 people had left Milan for the southern regions during 7 March; by comparison, on 23 February, about 9,000 people left Milan for the south. Michele Emiliano, President of Apulia, required all arrivals from northern Italy to self-quarantine. Désormais disponibles massivement dans les pharmacies, les tests antigéniques permettent de déterminer en quelques minutes si une personne est atteinte du Covid. [60], On the other hand, Novara's mayor Alessandro Canelli mentioned that he was surprised by the initial information he received that his province would not be part of the quarantine zone, and had requested for Novara's inclusion due to its significant transport links with Milan. Catholic sermons were also broadcast through the radio. [59] Matteo Salvini, Italy's opposition leader, also demanded further clarity regarding the lockdown. [28], Conte announced on 11 March that the lockdown would be tightened, with all commercial and retail businesses except those providing essential services, like grocery stores, food stores, and pharmacies, closed down. Par ailleurs, le président de la République a... La bataille pour l'ouverture des commerces le 27 novembre, jour du "Black Friday", est engagée. [15], Restaurants and cafes were permitted to open, but operations were limited to between 6:00 and 18:00, while many other public locations such as gyms, nightclubs, museums and swimming pools were closed altogether. [5] The number of confirmed cases increased on 21 February, when sixteen people in Lombardy and Veneto were confirmed to be infected. While residents were permitted to leave their homes with supplies such as food and medicine being allowed to enter, attending school or going to workplaces was not allowed, and public gatherings were prohibited. COVID-19 is 96% identical to a coronavirus found in bats, researchers said, but with a certain variation that could explain what has made it so infectious. Emmanuel Macron devrait s'exprimer la semaine prochaine pour détailler les étapes d'un déconfinement "progressif", tandis que certaines mesures de restriction perdureront après le 1er décembre, a déjà assuré Jean Castex. Pour l'heure, il n'existe aucun vaccin préventif contre le Covid-19, même si des chercheurs de nombreux pays y travaillent et plusieurs laboratoires progressent en matière d'essais cliniques. Covid-19: l'enveloppe prévue par le gouvernement pour les vaccins est-elle suffisante . [46] On 1 April, Economy Minister Roberto Gualtieri stated that a 6% GDP contraction for 2020 was "realistic". [44] An economist at London-based consultancy Capital Economics estimated Italy's 2020 GDP decline to be 2 percent after the national lockdown, assuming that the lockdown is lifted on schedule. ", "There’s a lot of speculation and conspiracy theories that went to a pretty high level," Dr. Robert Garry, a professor at the Tulane University School of Medicine and one of the authors of the study, told ABC News, "so we felt it was important to get a team together to examine evidence of this new coronavirus to determine what we could about the origin.". Le gouvernement a prévu une enveloppe conséquente pour l'achat des futurs vaccins contre le coronavirus en espérant ainsi relever l'économie au plus vite. [67] Dismayed by the Vicar General's complete closure of all churches in the Diocese of Rome, Pope Francis partially reversed the closures, but tourists are still barred from visiting the churches. The lockdown was initially meant to last until 6 March. Le gouvernement a déclaré, lundi, auprès de responsables de différentes religions, que les lieux de culte pourraient sûrement rouvrir au 1er décembre, moyennant un protocole sanitaire exigeant. A deep recession looms", "Exclusive: Italy Treasury sees 2020 GDP falling around 3% amid coronavirus chaos - sources", "Italy's EconMin sees 6% fall in 2020 GDP as 'realistic' estimate", "Italy's massive coronavirus quarantine provokes panic; stock markets tank 11%", Pollution is plummeting in Italy in the wake of coronavirus, emissions data show, "Coronavirus, l'Italia si è fermata o quasi: l'analisi degli spostamenti via gps", "Coronavirus, Gallera e Sala: "Monitoriamo gli spostamenti dei lombardi, ora sono al 40% rispetto alla normalità. Le baromètre Cegos 2020 sur le climat social en entreprise vient d'être rendu public. Infighting and an attempted 'coup': Trump team in chaos as Giuliani leads legal fight, Funeral home that stored dozens of bodies in rental trucks shut down, DHS cybersecurity head fired by Trump after he disputes election fraud claims, As Giuliani presents Pa. case, Trump campaign nears judgment day in court fights. It likely arose, the study said, from a recombination of a virus found in bats and another virus, possibly originating from pangolins, otherwise known as scaly anteaters. [33] This measure came after a rise in the number of cases and deaths in the previous days, and after multiple institutions – including trade unions, mayors, and regional presidents – asked for a generalised shutdown of the Italian production system. [17] The decree, in effect until 3 April, additionally cancelled any leave for medical workers, and allowed the government to impose fines or up to three months' jail for people caught leaving or entering the affected zone without permission.

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