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That is what sacrifice means. It must have been a terrible burden to know that if only he were able to speak out, so many souls might have repented and been saved! Heiligsprechung und ihr Prozess (4 von 6), “Depths of Hell” - Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp, A aleatoriedade, entendida estritamente enquanto tal, é uma forma de determinismo, Latin Mass News and Updates for the State of Georgia, The Latin Mass Society RC Diocese of Middlesbrough, Dok im lastika uši dira, ekumenizam evoluira, McCarrick, el lobby gay logra otro punto a favor, A Political Refugee From the Global Village - an Englishman in Bucharest. That The Bones You Have Crushed May Thrill, YES, EVERYONE IS ENTITLED TO EQUAL PROTECTION, Debate Intensifies Over Benedict XVI’s Resignation and Role as Pope Emeritus, Byzantine Catholic & Orthodox Sundays in Great Lent, La mirra austera ma profumata del "Sì, sì; No, no", St. Conleth's Catholic Heritage Association. But my poor microblog is never going to have much impact. Thus, Pope Francis marked the five-year anniversary of the enthronement with a public display of the Vicar of Christ granting a high honor to a man who personifies infidelity to his priestly vow of chastity. –around our children, our relatives, our friends. And so, one hundred years have passed and here we are, in the middle of a Jubilee Year of Mercy proclaimed by Pope Francis. We will confide to you the thought that maybe we ourselves admit in free discussion, that may be unfounded, and that is that there has been a power, an adversary power. The volume in fact draws from the letters of Sister Lucy and from the unpublished diary “My Way”. We discuss today: Among Father Malachi Martin’s warnings was that Lucifer was enthroned in the Vatican, and that there would be a Pope under the control of Satan. I have tried to present various Church approved private revelations, such as those of St. Hildegard von Bingen and Blessed Elizabeth Canori-Mora which support the dire warning of Fatima. Enter your email address to follow From Rome and receive notifications of new posts by email. In the apparition of July 13, the Madonna had entrusted to the children a message for the whole world. The book "Des profondeurs de nos coeurs" is clearly written by Benedict XVI and Cardinal Sarah (as is indisputably demonstrated by the letters the two exchanged… The unpublished material from which I have just quoted is a very interesting document, from which those who are knowledgeable can easily find confirmation of the historical reconstruction according to which the Third Secret is composed of two parts: one, the vision, was written and sent first, while the other – that which, in the words of the Virgin, is “the meaning” of the vision – was written and sent later. (Here, here, and here) And also written of our Lady’s severe warning at Akita. The Nazi State was not defeated, it was recruited by NATO. May God have mercy on us all. He together with John Salza debated Giuseppe De Carli at our conference in Rome at The Fatima Challenge, May 2010. The letter arrived at its destination (as is attested by the receipt), but had no reply. …”, When we place these two prophesies side by side, we notice that the vision revealed by the Vatican speaks of an Angel with a flaming sword, crying out for penance. He affirmed on several occasions that the evil set loose would ascend to the very top echelon of the institutional Church and he also stated clearly that the culmination of the chastisement would not come without warning but that only those who are “renewed in heart” (that is to say, the true children of the Immaculate Heart of Mary) will take note of it. These moves should be considered within the context of this pope’s actions so far. Reliable sources from inside the Vatican reconstruct the whole affair in this way. But although the Church did some things, it never obediently gave the response asked for by the Virgin. Make a Donation to Save Old St. Mary's Inc., a US non profit which supports Br. Give me strength against thine enemies! You will thus draw down peace upon your country. Especially, we pray for the conversion of poor sinners, particularly the Pope and hierarchy, that they may repent and be saved, through the infinite merits of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Namely, a regular document of the Magisterium, was a "revolutionary" document that sealed  "by archiving  pastoral prohibitions and constraints," and "that had turned more into a reading of the code of canon law, instead of the Gospel. Alexis Bugnolo’s Apostolates like FromRome.Info -- If you would like to donate more than $10.00 USD, simply increase the Quantity below from 1 to a higher number. It is possible that within this time-frame, the evil was turned loose and the Church was given a period of grace in which to obey the warnings of the Blessed Virgin Mary. And this current Bishop of Rome intends to place the centenary of Fatima alongside his much vaunted celebration of the 500th anniversary of the arch heretic Martin Luther’s revolt against our Lord Jesus Christ and His Church. †  St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. In eternity, Heaven!’ This word ‘Heaven’ filled my heart with peace  and happiness in such a way that, almost without being aware of it, I kept repeating to myself for a long time: Heaven, Heaven.”. Instructing the Order of Consecrated Virgins that their consecrated virginity is optional and can even be set aside. On the other hand we refuse and have always refused to follow the Rome of the neo-Modernist and neo-Protestant tendency that clearly manifested itself in the Second Vatican Council and after the Council in all the reforms that resulted from it.”. Frankly, if the all-powerful governments cannot protect their data, I do not have a clue how I can protect it. ", The biggest resource on the web for research into the Salvation Dogma (Click photo), "They Are Trying to Establish a 'Neo-Church'" -- New Interview of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò. Socci states that it was Pope Benedict himself who confirmed that Fatima is far from over. Let me never be separated from Thee, but grant that I may love Thee always and then do with me what Thou will. –around all your faithful prayer warriors. There is one party in Washington - The War Party, The truth about yellow vest movement in France, First Step, Name the Problem: 'Homosexual activity is immoral', The Return of Storytelling in a Digital Age, Le Salon Beige - blog quotidien d'actualité par des laïcs catholiques, En attendant la mise à jour de l'application, rendez-vous sur Published on Oct. 3, dedicated to Benedict XVI…. Immediately afterward, said Sister Lucia, “I felt my spirit inundated by a mystery of light that is God and in Him I saw and heard: the point of a lance like a flame that is detached, touches the axis of the earth, and it trembles: mountains, cities, towns and villages with their inhabitants are buried. Keeping Our Lady's websites online and updated costs many thousands of dollars each month. Because here what is involved is not so much ‘our traditions’ or other similar things. Once again Antonio Socci finds himself in the thick of the mystery of the Third Secret of Fatima. ‘How are we to make sacrifices?’ I asked. The Fatima Center is a registered Trade Name of The National Committee for the National Pilgrim Virgin of Canada. The confusion of minds is something we are only just beginning to see, but it is becoming more noticeable very quickly. He was born in Settefrati, Italy Feb. 22, 1927. Please pray for the Rosary daily for the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary! For the true child of Mary, there is no contradiction here. From Il Libero, August 17, 2014, DISCLAIMER: This website and blog, MaryRefugeOfSouls (formerly known as MaryRefugeOfHolyLove), is not associated in any way with Holy Love Ministries (“HLM”). If we add to that clue other indications by Father Martin ‘that the catastrophes of the chastisement will not be from God nor nature, we must conclude that the only forces left are human and perhaps humans driven by, obsessed by, demonic forces. These two phrases of the Pope in that discourse at Fatima prompt reflection: “Man has the power to unleash a cycle of death and terror, but he is not able to stop it.” And then: “The faith in vast regions of the earth risks being extinguished, like a flame without fuel.”. Only you can fulfill what God asks of you. [Note: I do not believe that God will use nature to chastise us, but will allow men, under the control of Satan, to trigger forces of nature that mankind will be then unable to control. Just as we predicted yesterday, not all who give credence to the idea that Benedict XVI’s resignation may have been invalid are convinced by Ratzinger’s reported reaffirmation of its validity to Italian journalist Andrea Tornielli. Note that priest sexual abusers spread their impure practices by initiating young men into their ranks with what is referred to as the rite of sodomy. – and simply follow her simple requests; We do not need to worry who is the Bishop in white, do not need to know the exact date of the chastisement. The Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to three little shepherd children at a field called Cova da Iria at Fatima for a total of six different times, between May 13 and October 13, 1917. Every so often, someone with a soft spot for the old Modernist Joseph Ratzinger (“Pope” Benedict XVI) digs up a quote from a homily he gave in 2010 (see video above) in which he speaks somewhat cryptically about the apparitions of our Lady at Fatima and the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary: We would be mistaken to think that Fatima’s prophetic mission is complete. Do not be distracted. On a pilgrimage to Fatima on May 13, 2010, Pope Benedict affirmed: … READ MORE . Fatima Perspectives Archive. Apocalyptic News from Fatima: The Latest Mystery – The Silence of the Sisters: But WHO is Silencing Them…? This is demonstrated by what happened to Solideo Paolini, the great Italian scholar of Fatima, who, reviewing the pages of this book, which I sent him, wrote to the Convent in Coimbra requesting to be able to consult the two unpublished works mentioned in the volume, believing that therein are further details on the hidden part. Then you will be able to save it and/or print it for future use. Is Benedict XVI the Last Pope? Might reveal things if provoked. He thus provoked a jumble of hypotheses. Other data is collected by WordPress or the plug-in apps that work with it. The devil has not even approached the fullness of the reign he has been allotted! “To this hoped for “triumph” Pope Benedict made reference in 2010: “May the seven years which separate us from the centenary of the Apparitions (2017) hasten the prophesied triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the glory of the Most Holy Trinity.”. Salus populi romani: November 8, 2020 — Live from Rome! …. Even among the most faithful Catholics, where lip service is given to her message, few actually make it a priority. But we are here now, at this time, in this place, and for this task! The cause for this is that people would then understand that if they do not repent now, they will soon be unable to repent; that is, there will be such a darkening that people will no longer be able to repent. To be clear, by his actions, this Pope honors not our Lord Jesus Christ, but His ancient enemy, who “will not serve”. The hasty announcement at this moment, right on the eve of the US election, is significant: Trump has strong momentum and now the Bergoglian Vatican is very afraid that he may be re-elected. Teaching that Judas was a “poor, repentant man” in direct opposition to Our Lord Jesus Christ Who taught that Judas was “the son of perdition” who was not saved. Be notified each time a new post appears on our blog! Any information I collect on this blog is voluntarily given to me by readers, when they subscribe, comment or email me at evensong at returntofatima dot org. Give me strength against thy enemies! And so we use the spiritual weapons she has given us – our Rosaries, Miraculous Medal, Brown Scapular of Mount Carmel, Total Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, First Saturdays of Reparation and Eucharistic Holy Hour wherever you know that the Tabernacle contains the Real Presence. It seems quite likely to have occurred. Bugnolo’s Letter to Businessmen who read FromRome.Info. Do you remember when Father Martin said that if only the secret were revealed, it would fill the Churches, the confessionals? Their privacy polices are listed below. Reminder: John Courtney Murray’s Religious Liberty Error is Doctrine of Vatican II, and it doesn’t take a traditionalist to see that - #CatholicTwitter #catholic. It was the great prophecy concerning the coming decades if humanity did not turn to God. #McCarrickReport, Part 2 of Guimaraes’ assessment of Fratelli Tutti: #fratellitutti #popefrancis, The Vatican’s Congregation for Bishops has ordered an investigation into Bishop Oscar Cantu’s handling of allegations of clerical sexual abuse and misconduct. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Salus populi romani: November 16, 2020 — Live from Rome! Everything was decided and agreed upon together from the beginning. God’s mercy requires our heartfelt sorrow for our sins. More on that here. Any information I collect on this blog is voluntarily given to me by readers, when they subscribe, comment or email me at evensong at returntofatima dot org. But now, of course we have proceeded much further down the rabbit hole with the last Synod promoting essentially a new religion, eclipsing the “old” one. ( Log Out /  Arriving at that date, John XXIII hid the whole thing, so terrible were its contents. After I felt my racing heart, in my spirit a soft voice said: ‘In time, one faith, one baptism, one Church, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic. How Johnson & Eisenhower illegally assisted the U.S.S.R. Salus populi romani: November 5, 2020 — Live from Rome! Mike Goring: The Horror planned for us: The Great Reset, Wake up! Join Br. Chronology of Reports on "Team Bergoglio", To Join a Media Counter-Revolution, at FromRome.Info CLICK HERE. Innere Auflösung statt Freude am Glauben. The sea, the rivers, the clouds, exceed their boundaries, inundating and dragging with them, in a vortex, houses and people in a number that cannot be counted. He's still alive. It is a new book entitled “Un caminho sob o olhar de Maria” (“A Path Under the Gaze of Mary”) and it is a biography of Sister Lucy, written by her fellow sisters with precious unpublished documents from the same visionary. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Thy kingdom come! He is President and Chief Counsel of the American Catholic Lawyers Association. Salus populi romani: November 1, 2020 — Live from Rome! Thus a compromise solution was adopted: in the successive editions of the book the author of the book will be Cardinal Sarah “WITH THE CONTRIBUTION OF BENEDICT XVI.” The text of the book in any case remains the same. In his book, The Kingdom of Darkness, Father Martin describes what is meant by “the smoke of Satan”, describing an interview Pope Paul Vi gave to his close friend, Jean Guitton not long before he died. This is perfectly reasonable in this satanic ape of the papacy: for now, the Pope honors deceit, infidelity in the service of the first of God’s creatures to proclaim, “Non Serviam”. From many elements one could discern that it [the vision] was not everything. Since February 11, 2013 there has been a concerted effort by clergy in the Lavender Mafia to controll the narrative by means of putting guilt trips on Catholics who report the truth of what is going on. In his book, The Kingdom of Darkness, Father Martin describes what is meant by “the smoke of Satan”, describing an interview Pope Paul Vi gave to his close friend, Jean Guitton not long before he died. , we did see the Pope condone neo-pagan idolatry in the Vatican, even in the sanctuaries. Whenever I speak, I cry out, proclaiming violence and destruction. And also written many posts about the passages in St. John’s Apocalypse that substantiate the warning of Fatima. Amazon Apologizes For Kicking Northern Ireland Out Of The U.K. Vatican Police Seizes Kilos of Gold and Silver Coins at Home of Vatican Official’s Father. Click below for a free downloadable and printable PDF, ODT, and WordDoc (4 pages): Sister Lucy Biography Reveals Missing Third Secret Text – By Antonio Socci (PDF), Sister Lucy Biography Reveals Missing Third Secret Text – By Antonio Socci (ODT), Sister Lucy Biography Reveals Missing Third Secret Text – By Antonio Socci (WordDoc), Sister Lucy Biography Reveals Missing Third Secret Text, (Source:, Antonio Socci’s Latest Evidence: Sister Lucy Biography Reveals Missing Third Secret Text. Instead, Sister Lucia was silenced and in 1960 the rejection of Fatima was completed by  Pope John XXIII which is why Sister Lucia foretold that, “It will be clearer then.”. Her message – the great prophecy concerning the coming decades if humanity did not obediently turn to God in prayer and reparation – has been virtually disregarded. Jetpack: HERE. Remember – Our Lady needs us to obey:  First Saturdays of Reparation, daily rosary, at least 5 mysteries, wear her brown scapular and live your Total Consecration to her Immaculate Heart, offering daily duties in reparation and for the conversion of poor sinners. Salus populi romani: November 10, 2020 — Live from Rome! It should be obvious for anyone to see that the command of God through the Immaculate Mother has been disregarded with impunity. From these words of Pope Benedict one discerns, therefore, that there is truly something else in the Third Secret and that it is dramatic for the world and the Church. Ks. Apropos to this, Antonio Socci wrote a column in 2014, translated by Christopher Ferrara and available online at Fatima Perspectives. May God have mercy on us all. I love Thee O Lord with my whole heart and desire to receive Thee now spiritually. The sea, the rivers, the clouds, exceed their boundaries, inundating and dragging with them, in a vortex, houses and people in a number that cannot be counted. The volume in fact draws from the letters of Sister Lucia and from the unpublished diary “My Way.” Impressive among things previously unpublished, is the account of how Sister Lucy overcame the terror that prevented her from writing down the Third Secret.

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