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You can’t expect a perfect coherence of course, any more than you would if it were a western power doing the same thing, but it’s all tending in the same general direction. Leggi anche ->J-Ax, scatto col Papa su Instagram: “Ci odiano le stesse persone”, Se vuoi seguire tutte le nostre notizie in tempo reale CLICCA QUI. I believe in universal programs that provide concrete material benefits, especially to the working class. schoss. Let me briefly explain them. Nun überrascht der Attentäter mit einem Besuch an dessen Grab. Drei Kugeln trafen den Papst, eine davon verletzte ihn schwer. I don't think council tax should be based... one of my favorite people(along with Rev. Januar 2006. Medicare for All is the prime example, but tuition-free college and a Post Office Bank also fall under this heading. He was, for Cold-War purposes, smeared as a Bulgarian agent. Could be a second FDR saving capitalism, democratic socialism leashing and collaring it, or communism razing it. They’re adapting quickly, and even have their own fierce Wiki defenders. I don’t much care about the “ism” that delivers the benefits, although whichever one does have to put common humanity first, as opposed to markets. This would make them an enemy of political islam, and certainly an enemy of Wahhabist Islam (the latter still a very weak force in Turkey, but obviously stronger in former Isis parts of Syria and so on). I love the tactical level, and secretly love even the horse race, since I’ve been blogging about it daily for fourteen years, but everything I write has this perspective at the back of it. As you point out, their Turkish supremacist ideology tends to make any kind of collaboration with political Islam very difficult. The Alevi are heterodox Muslims, and the entry about them at Wikipedia is long and detailed. I understand why Becher uses the word “fascist” all the time, and it’s effective rhetorically, but really the Grey Wolves are a fairly standard extremist paramilitary group, of a kind found all over the area where, ironically, the Ottoman Empire used to be, as well as in places like Poland and Hungary where there is a strong tradition of extreme nationalism to feed on. Er erklärte, was an dem Buch überprüfbar sei, habe sich als falsch herausgestellt.[9]. They took out the eight-month foetus, shouting “Allah Allah” and hung it from an electricity pole with a hook. No one was punished. In jener Zeit herrschten Pressezensur und beschränkte Meinungsfreiheit; offizielle Untersuchungen waren nicht objektiv. They were still around, partly because Britain and France always supported them against the bogeyman of the late Victorian Era, the Russian Threat. Nur knapp überlebte Johannes Paul II. The Muslim Brothers and Sunni political islam are part of that, because they enable the Turks to capture, discipline and organise Muslim communities elsewhere in the world to support their objectives. Partly this involves hard power, as in Syria or Libya, but Turkey doesn’t have the resources to do too much of that. Their focus is on intimidating Kurdish groups and threatening German politicians of Turkish extraction. Fascism is often strongest in the ruins of a defeated empire, and that was the situation in the former Ottoman Empire in the 1920s. Why don’t more people notice that? Perhaps someone in the commentariat with more knowledge of Turkey can enlighten me, but I’ve always been puzzled by the Grey Wolves position somewhere between nationalist secularism and Sunni Islam. The Young Turks, as these officers were called, sided with the up-and-coming, efficient military of the neighboring empire: Germany. E’ stato destino che sopravvivesse. A very secular Turkish former colleague of mine told me of her horror at visiting cousins in Germany to find the girls had all voluntarily chosen to wear the veil and were openly supportive of radical Islam. Your email address will not be published. Erdogan’s AK Party, which very much wants to revive Ottoman practice and Ottoman borders, openly considers the Alevi heretics fair game for the Gray Wolves’s death squads. Other members helped Mr. Agca escape from prison. Thanks for this question, which I have as well. There’s a gigantic, well-organized, extremely violent fascist group with tens of thousands of active members in Germany right now. He had a track record of killing leftists and other enemies on behalf of the “Idealists” (seriously, that’s what the Wolves call themselves): “The weapon used in the Feb. 1, 1979, murder of a Turkish newspaper editor, Abdi Ipekci, for which Mr. Agca was convicted, was supplied by a member of the Idealist Clubs, according to the Turkish authorities. And we’ll never know how much daily violence this massive fascist gang inflicts. Mehmet Ali Agca told police he felt he needed to make the gesture, Italian media report. Il 13 maggio del 1981, in una piazza San Pietro gremita di pellegrini festanti per l’arrivo del Papa, Mehmet Ali Agca si fa largo tra la folla esce dalla tasca una 9mm e fa fuoco quattro volte contro Giovanni Paolo II. Er ermordete am 1. In quella occasione l’attentatore ha chiesto perdono per quello che aveva fatto e Giovanni Paolo II gliel’ha concesso. They too have tens of thousands of Wiki defenders just in North America (quite a high percentage of them with graduate degrees comfortably living in suburbia, but with a fire in their belly indicative of a well-known phenomenon: “Diaspora Nationalism”). David and PlutoniumKun: I’m not sure that I agree completely with David here. Based on the references to Germany in the second and third paragraphs I’m looking forward to reading more from Gary about the Gray Wolves’ actions there and elsewhere in [2] In den 2013 veröffentlichten Memoiren von Ağca gab dieser an, vom iranischen Ajatollah Chomeini persönlich mit den Worten „Du musst den Papst im Namen Allahs töten“ beauftragt worden zu sein. SPIEGEL+ kann nur auf einem Gerät zur selben Zeit genutzt werden. The former extremist requested a meeting with Pope Francis when the current pontiff visited Turkey last month. I don’t understand the politics of NATO, why is this the case in 2020? Ağca versuchte nach den Schüssen zu fliehen, konnte aber vom päpstlichen Personenschützer Camillo Cibin gestellt werden und wurde festgenommen. Mehmet Ali Agca arrived back in Rome unexpectedly and presented himself to police to declare his intention to lay the flowers. Nach Meinung vieler Türken ist Agcas Leben in Gefahr. Papst-Attentäter nennt Chomeini als Drahtzieher. Nachdem er im Juli 1981 zu einer Freiheitsstrafe verurteilt worden war, amnestierte ihn am 13. They’re adapting quickly, and even have their own fierce Wiki defenders.”. Er saß fast 30 Jahre im Gefängnis, am Montag soll Mehmet Ali Agca frei kommen - und hat schon einen ersten Termin: Das türkische Militär will den Papst-Attentäter mustern lassen. So the US/UK state will always side with the Turkish state and help them cover up fascist atrocities, blaming them on the Soviets until those useful patsies took their final dive. Those who were killed in 1978 were not only Alevi, but Kurds — and the Turkish state, which embraced Wilsonian ethnic nationality with a vengeance, a terrible vengeance, hates Kurds simply for being Kurds. Sono un brav’uomo adesso. Mai 1981 in Rom ein Attentat auf Papst Johannes Paul II. Im Mai 1981 schoss der Türke Mehmet Ali Agca auf Papst Johannes Paul II. November 1979 aus dem Militärgefängnis Maltepe in Istanbul fliehen. Mehmet Ali Agca torna a parlare della scomparsa di Emanuela Orlandi. Papst-Attentäter Mehmet Ali Agca ist nach fast drei Jahrzehnten in Haft aus dem Gefängnis in der Türkei entlassen worden. Violence by these men against minorities has never stopped, but it hit its peak — more like the highest peak in a mountain-range of a graph — in 1978, before the Anglosphere had any handle on sectarian violence in the Middle East. NATO might survive the loss of many other small European states, but it could not survive losing Turkey. The Gray Wolves, as advocates of the (Sunni) Muslim order, consider Alevi not to be Muslims. [5] A few years ago the Housing Minister in Sweden (a member of the Green party, from a Turkish family) resigned after some pictures of him surfaced at a dinner with a bunch of Gray Wolves members. And that level of suffering and organic damage makes the concerns of identity politics — even the worthy fight to help the refugees Bush, Obama, and Clinton’s wars created — bright shiny objects by comparison. Doch seine Ankündigung, er sei ein Messias und schreibe ein neues Evangelium, wecken Zweifel an der These. Alevi Muslims are often considered heretics by Salafists and other Sunni fundamentalists. und verletzte ihn dabei schwer. The Armenians tended to keep to themselves, and the Greek population, formerly quite large and active under the Empire, had its own agenda–and was expelled. Read more: Assassination, Cia, Erdogan, Fascism, Gray Wolves, Mehmet Ali Agca, Nationalism, Pope John Paul II, Turkey, Gary Brecher, Radio War Nerd, The War Nerd. Wer heuerte den Schützen Ali Agca an? Maras is due north of Aleppo across the Syrian border, NW of Kobane, and above all just up the road from Gazantiep. [7], Nach seiner Entlassung aus türkischer Haft veröffentlichte Mehmet Ali Ağca seine Memoiren in italienischer Sprache mit dem Titel Mi avevano promesso il paradiso („Sie hatten mir das Paradies versprochen“). There I met a nurse I knew…When she saw me, she was surprised: ‘Seyho, where have you come from? Darin gibt er an, den Mordauftrag von Ajatollah Chomeini persönlich erhalten zu haben. Here are a few highlights from their long, successful career: In 1978, Gray Wolves started pogroms against Alevi Kurds in Maras (also known as Kahramanmaras) in South-Central Anatolia. Ataturk formed a nucleus of former officers from the Great War. (Again, the international echoes are clear enough; suffice to say that these guys were the most dangerous, formidable demographic in a few generations, perhaps since the emergence of the Napoleonic elite.) And this genocide went so well, so quietly, that Hitler, contemplating the genocide of the European Jews, allegedly demanded of any squeamish nay-sayers “Who remembers the Armenians?”. Just enter “India RSS” on youtube or google. Just check on some Irish history, we’ve a long history of extremist paramilitary groups covering the full spectrum from left to quasi fascist, with most shades in between represented. Nevertheless, since they are in the trenches with Erdogan, they are at least on the same side as Sunni Islamists on many fronts. The Gray Wolves ideology is very widespread and acceptable in many (not all) communities in Turkey. Quando è morto ho provato il dolore della perdita di un fratello o del mio migliore amico”. gesteht, dass er den Papst jahrelang ausspioniert hat. They’ve been rampaging for decades, and if anything they’re stronger now than they used to be. zu töten. That was declined as was a fresh request for an audience this weekend in Rome. At its peak, it was a fearsome conquering force. That’s the pattern here: the Gray Wolves as the street-fighting wing of the state. Required fields are marked *. Dort war er wegen des Mordes an İpekçi in Abwesenheit zum Tode verurteilt worden. ; siehe auch 'Tempi', 1. Here they’re marching in a show of strength in a tech-oriented city (with huge IT operations of US companies) in South India that has until recently had a reputation for peaceful coexistence: Less than a year old (a few weeks before Delhi riots): Papst Franziskus wird dort Ende November erwartet. This is a perennial question with such groups everywhere: how far are such attacks are motivated by genuine religious disagreement on doctrinal issues and how far by cultural differences. But as you older readers might recall, nobody in the media talked about Ali Agca as a Turkish fascist. I due si sono anche incontrati. I think that is enough," Francis's spokesman, Federico Lombardi, told La Republica. Inasmuch as they have an ideology at all it tends to be a romantic mish-mash full of traditional cultural and (as here) religious references. So it has a soft power policy as well, making use of whatever comes to hand. 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