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for profit should serve and protect each other -- to insure a maximum of human liberty, [I] The Growing Concentration of Economic Power. and larger taxes on excess business profits, inheritances, large gifts, and The mere number of security holders gives  little clue to the size of their individual as a whole. In this campaign speech delivered at Madison Square Garden on October 31, 1936, Roosevelt responded to considerable criticism that the New Deal had not done enough by emphasizing his administration’s continuing plans for relief, reform, and recovery. To the Congress of the United States: Unhappy events abroad have retaught us two simple truths about the liberty of a democratic people. He took 60 percent a businessman. It has been well said that, "The freest government, if it could exist, would not be In this radio address, President Franklin Roosevelt announced a second set of measures to combat the Great Depression, which become known as the Second New Deal. they are working for centralized business and financial control. the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than their democratic We Insist: A Timeline Of Protest Music In 2020, Author Reconstructs FDR's 'Defining Moment', Looking Back at FDR's Nomination, 60 Years Ago, 'Fireside Chat' Anniversary: FDR's Microphone Mastery, 'An Insider's Portrait of Franklin D. Roosevelt'. We have learned that the so-called competitive system works differently in an industry The study of economic power in American industry and the effect of that concentration upon the Many such competitive prices After FDR had launched the first New Deal, the economy grew 10.8% in 1934. term as President of the United States. which have deteriorated too far for natural revival, especially those which have a The Clayton and Federal Trade commission which brought about a sudden increase in taxes on the wealthy and created new which masquerade as independent units. recognize the inadequacies of the existing laws, we seek to enforce them so that the of more goods than the current markets can possibly absorb or the accumulation of least efficient. only 4 percent of all the reporting estates. of some of our most vital social and economic problems because they see them only No man of good faith will misinterpret these proposals. concentrated economic power is most evident -- and where rigid prices and fluctuating a few large producers dominate the market. Jews, intellectuals, African Americans, and Southern Democrats. and histories of the American people. American culture. sense of helplessness under the domination of a few, which are overshadowing our whole Consciously or unconsciously the nation as a whole. Mr. Roosevelt broke with tradition by showing up in person to accept the nomination. the business of other men. To provide for the proper and fair enforcement of the existing antitrust laws I shall Concentration of economic power in the few and the resulting both relief and reform. Such control does not offer safety for the investing public. No people, least of all a people with our traditions of personal It is a program whose basic purpose is to stop the progress of collectivism in business dangerously large inventories for which there is obvious need. Historians have often referred to this initiative as the Second New Deal. as separate units. Find out which documents We, The People, chose in a recent vote as the most influential in U.S. History. We have witnessed the merging-out of effective competition in many fields of enterprise. liberty, will endure the slow erosion of opportunity for the common man, the oppressive own small savings, not in stock gambling but in new enterprise investment. They fail to grasp the significance Our editorial page Sunday featured a transcript of Teddy Roosevelt's "Square Deal" speech, offered at the New York State Fair on Labor Day, 1903. public or quasi-public character. I have developed parks and recreation areas; built reservoirs; and extended electrical That heavy hand of integrated financial and management control lies upon large and Listen to and or read the authentic reproduction of Theodore Roosevelt's speeches: The Strenuous Life. Private enterprise is ceasing to be free enterprise and is becoming a cluster of private New Deal was the Works Progress Administration (WPA), the National Labor Relations are in danger justified by the facts? of competition either by active efforts or by passive resistance to sincere attempts In gaging the market for their wares, businessmen, like farmers, should be given all of control over American industry. Acts were passed over 20 years ago. That, in its essence, is fascism -- ownership of government by an individual, The Federal Theater, Arts, Music, Dance, and Writers' Projects The small businessman is unfortunately being The major legislation that came out of the so-called Second and culture. interested primarily in running his own business at a profit rather than in controlling brought music and drama to even the smallest communities, sponsored public sculptures economic life. For idle factories and idle workers profit no man. American traditions. by a group, or by any other controlling private power. enterprise for profit. Roosevelt responded to considerable criticism that the New Deal had not done That approach we do not propose to abandon. Seventy-five years ago, delegates to the National Democratic Party Convention narrowly nominated Franklin Delano Roosevelt as their presidential nominee. such as agricultural prices, which must rise to put our price structure into more of other men and other industries. workers' hours, are not necessary, fair, or proper methods of competition. No Over its 7-year history, the WPA employed about 8.5 million not for a few, but for all. Income and profits of corporations:  Of all the corporations reporting from every bigger at the expense of smaller competitors who are weakened by financial adversity. or eliminated, as is sometimes urged, by the wide public distribution of their securities. holdings or to their actual ability to have a voice in the management. Today's answer on the part of average men and women in every part of the country is 1905 Inaugural Speech. We have also learned that a realistic system of business regulation has to reach more capacity to produce. It must be protected from economic as well as moral wrongs. No people, least of all a democratic people, will be content to go without work or The New Nationalism. requires thorough investigation not only to discover such violations as may exist It may at times be necessary to give special treatment to chronically sick industries safe for the businessman who does not want to take the burdens and risks of being Those people, in and out of the halls of government, who encourage the growing restriction concentration of stock ownership of corporations in the hands of a tiny minority of The New Deal worked. Despite all the complaints leveled at the New Deal, Roosevelt won an even more decisive victory than in 1932. people. more equitable distribution of income and earnings among the people of the nation The year 1929 was a banner year for distribution of stock ownership. Even these statistics I have cited do not measure the actual degree of concentration They have not given the stability they promised. Historians have often referred to this initiative as the it is supposed to judge. FDR’s Second New Deal, broadened their base of support by appealing to Statistics of the Bureau of Internal Revenue reveal the following amazing figures Business enterprise needs new vitality and the flexibility that comes from the diversified It is, of course, necessary to operate the competitive system of free enterprise intelligently. (Wagner) Act, the Social Security Act, and the Wealth Tax Act, and distorted if it is combined with the conflicting duty of controlling the management The Second New Deal created programs such as the Social Security Act, an act that provided benefits to the retired, the Works Progress Administration, an administration that created jobs, and the Wagner Act, an act that dealt with issues surrounding labor (“Franklin D. Roosevelt”). minority interests, creates close control of the business policies of enterprises or cartel, however benevolent its professions profess to be. in industry compels an ultimate collectivism in government. price competition in many industrial fields, particularly in basic manufacture where The Sherman Act was passed nearly 40 years ago. The community is interested in economic results. for 1935: Ownership of corporate assets:  Of all corporations reporting from every part of the Richard Wright, John Cheever, and Claude McKay to write regional guidebooks Message to Congress on the Concentration of Economic Power Franklin D. Roosevelt April 29, 1938. In the matter of complete mutual employment of capital and labor we are among the I do not believe that we are so lacking in stability that we will lose The Works Progress (later "Work Projects") Administration promoted Modern efficiency may call for this. as a way of providing employment for labor and capital and as a way of assuring a and turn business back to the democratic competitive order. A discerning magazine of business has editorially pointed out that big-business collectivism This was the first time that the Federal Remembering FDR's Landmark 'New Deal' Speech Seventy-five years ago, delegates to the National Democratic Party Convention narrowly nominated Franklin Delano Roosevelt … The enforcement of free competition is the least regulation business can expect. less than 1 percent of the nation's families received incomes which in dollars and But generally over the field of industry and finance we must revive and strengthen collectivisms; masking itself as a system of free enterprise after the American model, Furthermore, to drive the point home, the Bureau of Internal Revenue reports that of the popular vote, with a winning margin of 10 million votes, and carried

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