novena padre pio intercessione

He was again “popping up” in my life. Thank you for your prayers, and for your graces, and love -St. Pio. Please let my girls continue to make good decisions and please let Alexis do well in softball and both do well in school. I have been unfairly selected for compulsory redundancy at the College I work in. God’s Blessings! Pio’s intercession, God’s loving mercy flows for the cure of my beloved nephew. O God, Thou didst give Saint Pio of Pietrelcina, Capuchin priest, the great privilege of participating in a unique way in the Passion of Thy Son, grant me through his intercession the grace of . Please keep them safe and continue to pray for them. Please help me to keep my home and please Padre Pio help me to get this very special job with Dr. Patel, Amen. we are truly greatful always padre pio. O how I need Thee, my Jesus, in this night of exile! St.Padre Pio pray for my son so that he can study well, grow knowing Lord Jesus . Padre Pio may Jesus and Mary bless you and keep you safe. pls take care of all my children both my parents and the rest of my family let them all be strong and healthy. I am also a single mother and my son is 9 years old with many problems. Padre Pio, in humility I raise this prayer to you to ask for your intercession on my behalf. surgical procedures. Amen, Padre Pio, I am also about to take my certification exam next week. Amen, Padre Pio I asked to help me and heal me, also for my husband to give him faith and to give him health,bless my children and grandchildren and keep them close to God,stay with me through my life please hear my petition,and bless us all, Please pray for me, Julie to Padre pio for healing on a sharp and painful hard object on the second layer of my stomach skin. His name is Justin. Padre Pio Pray for Us. She is due to make her First Holy Communion this year. I pray also for a new home, new high paying job, and the overcome of my depression and anxiety. I implore you, I have heard about you many times and the wonderful miraculous things that you do. Amen. Through his powerful intercession, many who suffered were healed of sickness and disease. Give me the strength and the endurance to do God’s will. Please comfort my children and my mother as they struggle with the effects of this debilitating disease. Thank you our loving Padre Pio. pls padre hear our prayers. Keep my family safe especially my little grand dajughter. Also,i pray for my husband to be who has encountered christ..I pray that he maybe rooted in the word and always looking to christ as his refuge,bless the work of his hands and make him a channel of your peace…I speak the blood of jesus to wash him and for the power of the holy spirit to be his source of strength….. Padre Pio we love you. Not to offend. He is 18 now, and needs a mentor, and a visible and clear Father. thank you for interceding for me to Jesus and to the Lord. I am praying for my mother’s recovery from her illness.. Padre Pio please help my mother.. Padre Pio, I pray for inner peace and emotional healing. She had to call others to try to find my phone number. Heal my sister, bring closer to Jesus my brothers so that they stop being drunkards but to have the wisdom and knowledge from you so that they go back to school for studies. Dear Padre Pio Thank you for all of your prayers. I keep it under my mattress. And please let my husband be healthy. My mother found a book about him and gave it to me. God bless you. I ask this through Christ Our Lord, amen. I love it if he was in love with me too.if its of you Lord it will happen with great ease.I put this matter in your hands Lord thank you. Please intercede for my sons talking and behaviours as he is 2 years old now and not talking. St. Pio, I am out of work right due to job loss and I ask for your intercession that whatever the Lord’s Will is for me that I may have the discernment and strength to carry it out and trust in his plan. Please pray for my Alexis that her back is better and things work out for her. Love you pio. Please be intercede for me to Jesus and God about my missing companion pet cat Dexter and may it be God’s will that he is able to return home safely. I pray that David and Cathy make a wise decision. Half way through I was led to say a special prayer for you and you son. I am like Thomas, I need to see for myself a miracle cure for me diseases. Timothy Gallagher – Prayer/Discernment, Dr. Anthony Lilles STD – Carmelite/Mystical, Fr. God bless you and your son. He told me…”Mom I did not smell this scent when I held Padre Pio’s gloves.” I told him to believe, and maybe one day perhaps Padre Pio would grant him this priveledge.

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