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So her birth might have been about 1214 BCE. I have to portray two sweet women and two evil could you tell me more about Penelope and why she was so great. Odysseus was one of the original suitors of Helen and came to the Spartan court for that purpose. Penelope is supposed to have born a son, Italus, to Telogonus. "[50] A few years later, Jeremy Noble in a Gramophone review wrote that Il ritorno was the least known and least performed of Monteverdi's operas, "quite frankly, because its music is not so consistently full of character and imagination as that of Orfeo or Poppea. what do you think of odysseus? But later paintings were made during the classical Greek period. Could you please give me some insight on this? Question: What is Penelope’s power and what is Circe’s Power. Answer: Penelope seems to be confused with the goddess of fate because both are weavers. Answer: Penelope does an excellent job of manipulating things to go her way. In fact this is basis of justice. What is the comparison and contrast between Penelope in The Odysseus and Lysistrata in Lysistrata. And if Agamemnon was to remain king he would have to keep Clytemnestra happy because of the matrilinial nature of his kingship. La donna insomma haun cor di sasso, Sono l'altre regine coronate di servi e tu d'amanti, "Ballet of the Moors", music missing from score, Perir non può chi tien per scorta il cielo. [21] There is also Badoaro's preface to the Il ritorno libretto, addressed to the composer, which includes the wording "I can firmly state that my Ulysses is more indebted to you than ever was the real Ulysses to the ever-gracious Minerva". She will no longer be able to protect her son who would probably be killed. That being the prize, come forward now, my gallant lords; for I challenge you to try your skill on the great bow of King Odysseus. describes ancient heroes and their adventures. Answer: The mother of Odysseus was Anticlea (Ἀντίκλεια), Question: Compare and contrast traits of Penelope and Calypso. Question: OK! get lucrative work in an office. What were her features and characteristics like? She was loyal and devoted, and she knew how to put a man to the test. to plead for Bloom’s job back after he was fired—Cuffe stared at This means fancy flounded skirt, girdle and vest that reveals the breasts. Answer: In the heroic time of ancient Mycenae when Penelope was queen, her assistant would be a slave. [56] Penelope begins her lament with a reiteration of E flats that, according to Ringer, "suggest a sense of motionless and emotional stasis" that well represents her condition as the opera begins. I do not think Odysseus is a very good guide to marriage. Answer: Penelope is a queen who possesses considerable property. [37] Publication was followed by the first modern performance of the opera, in an edition by Vincent d'Indy, in Paris on 16 May 1925. How old would she be? But Penelope interfered with their organization. [60][61] Arnold draws attention to the great range of characters in the opera—the divine, the noble, the servants, the evil, the foolish, the innocent and the good. Question: If the kingship at the time of the Odyssey was passed through a matrilineal system, how is it that Odysseus is king in Ithaca, where his father Laertes was king before, and Penelope isn’t queen of Sparta, where she is from? "[n 21] The scene briefly transfers to the heavens, where Giunone, having been solicited by Minerva, persuades Giove and Nettune that Ulisse should be restored to his throne. Giunone, Giove, Nettuno, Minerva, Heavenly Chorus, Chorus of Sirens, This page was last edited on 29 October 2020, at 05:22. The single men decided that her husband might be dead and that if he was dead and she married one of them he would be king. She could have been disgusted with her as her steward was, but instead she felt Helen had been a victim of the deities whims and not responsible. The classical Greeks pictured her in peplos or chiton, but archeology suggests an outfit more like the Minoans. These documents include a letter from the unknown librettist of Le nozze d'Enea in Lavinia, which discusses Monteverdi's setting of Il ritorno. The martial-sounding music which accompanies references to battles and the killing of the suitors, derives from Il combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda, while for the song episodes in Il ritorno Monteverdi draws in part on the techniques which he developed in his 1632 vocal work Scherzi musicale. Molly’s thoughts turn briefly to the world of concert singing, [7] Carter offers a reason for its appeal to the public: "The opera has enough sex, gore and elements of the supernatural to satisfy the most jaded Venetian palate. Eurycleia was such an assistant: Click here. Answer: Penelope and Helen were both queens. As an example of what could have happened there was the example of that happened to Agamemnon at the hands of Clytemnestra. Notice that Laertes can do nothing about the suitors. Also when men do evil they should be punished, but not so as to start a feud or cycle of vengeance. She would have woven articles of clothing and items for the household including drapes, towels, and rugs. Answer: Maternal enough to have given birth to a son and raised him to adulthood. Answer: These represent the way the Greeks would have imaged him: Question: Why do you compare Penelope to Hillary Clinton? "[n 17] Eumete's message is overheard by the suitors, who plot to kill Telemaco. Question: What did she have to do with the Iliad? Why does penelope say that she “sounds like an owl” when she tries to warn other women? It is no wonder Clytemnestra killed him. To be a hero Penelope would have had to kill the wooers herself. A letter written by Ovid can be found at: Click here. she pose naked for a photographer to make money. Monteverdi’s opera, Il Ritorno d’Ulisse in Patria, produced at Venice in 1640. She was courageous and favored by the gods but her feats do not involve great strength or success in battle. does she differ from her male counter parts physically, mentally and socially? Answer: The actual time frame of the Odyssey is perhaps only a month during which time Penelope changes very little. Question: im studying Captain Correli’s mandolin and my teacher says there is a correlation between Pelegia who sews a waistcoat for her lover at war and Penelope sewing in the story of ‘aeneid’. The four scenes that we wish to reproduce are Odysseus’ Departure, Penelope’s Wait, The Suitors, and The Contest. Answer: If there had been one moral suitor, he would have sent the others away and left himself. Question: How does Penelope deal with the powers and responsibilities women assume in their society? As a mortal Penelope has only her wits for power. Telemaco is greeted joyfully by Eumete and the disguised Ulisse in the woodland grove: "O great son of Ulysses, you have indeed returned! Molly feels that she and Bloom are perhaps mutually lucky. 5. 8. All but one of the 12 identify Badoaro as the author, while the other gives no name. [5] The theatre's inaugural performance, on 6 March 1637, was L'Andromeda by Francesco Manelli and Benedetto Ferrari. Answer: All the information about Laertes is in the Odyssey. The first of Molly’s eight giant “sentences” that comprise Athena made her: “…taller and of a more commanding figure..” (Odyssey, Book XVIII). After its initial successful run in Venice the opera was performed in Bologna before returning to Venice for the 1640–41 season. Would she be considered a slave? Question: Why did Odysseus choose Penelope over Calypso? Penelope Services. She also seemed to flatter ones that were less dominant. For all of these "the music expresses their emotions with astonishing accuracy."[49]. Nevertheless, an unidentified contemporary, commenting on Monteverdi's silence, opined that the maestro might yet produce an opera for Venice: "God willing, one of these nights he too will step onto the stage. Answer: Penelope asked her maids to bring her bed to her. Penelope was the wife of Odysseus who waited over twenty years for. In her sixth sentence, Molly’s mind wanders from her [56] [52] Later analysts have been more positive; to Mark Ringer Il ritorno is "the most tender and moving of Monteverdi's operas",[53] while in Ellen Rosand's view the composer's ability to portray real human beings through music finds its fullest realisation here, and in Poppea a few years later. Why does penelope say that she “sounds like an owl” when she tries to warn other women? To them the female seemed more connected to fertility than the male because of the visibility of the offspring that the women produced. Thereafter, except for a possible performance at the Imperial court in Vienna late in the 17th century, there were no further revivals until the 20th century. Of course her beauty also helps to attract the suitors. But what she is famous for is how she put this decision off. 7. No classical art illustrates Nestor’s palace because it was gone almost 800 years before. [54] In typical Monteverdi fashion the opera's characters are vividly portrayed in their music. Some women were valued for their skills such as nursing, or cooking. As with the case of Penelope the law can be used to protect the vulnerable against the mighty. Helen did not leave with Paris until about 1195 BCE. The son of Odysseus by Circe, Telegonos, searched for his father and killed Odysseus by accident. Back at the palace, Melanto tries vainly to persuade Penelope to choose one of the suitors: "Why do you disdain the love of living suitors, expecting comfort from the ashes of the dead? I am studying “The Story of Penelope” tapestry at the Boston MFA. Her proposal to test the wooers with the bow of Odysseus gave Odysseus the advantage that he needed. This is where the story of Penelope is told. Question: How did Penelope test the wooers with the bow? Question: Why is Penelope being pressured to marry? Molly shifts in bed to quietly release built-up This reflected the financial motives of the merchant princes who were sponsoring the opera houses—they demanded commercial as well as artistic success, and wanted to minimise costs. Odysseus rebuked her because he had made the bed out of a living tree which was rooted in the ground and could not be moved. [25], The work is written for a large cast—thirty roles including small choruses of heavenly beings, sirens and Phaecians—but these parts can be organised among fourteen singers (three sopranos, two mezzo-sopranos, one alto, six tenors and two basses) by appropriate doubling of roles. Why when people recite their geneologies in The Odyssey do they name their fathers and grandfathers, if rights to a kingdom were passed through a matrilineal system? Answer: Penelope forms the goal of Odysseus but you should remember that the Odyssey is not a work of fiction. So the status of women went from divine to chattel. She could not appeal to force as so often is used to settle differences. The only interaction of Penelope with society is her manipulation of her suitors by rules of etiquette which she is able to enforce by guile. This caused the female to be disconnected from the resources of growth and production and only a separate resource. [7] As was common at the time, precise instrumentation is not indicated in the score, which exists in a single handwritten manuscript discovered in the Vienna National Library in the 19th century. Jocasta seems to be less effective in this regard. remembers how Bloom once suggested they milk her excess breast milk into They were separated by the Trojan war for over 10 years. "[n 16] After the suitors' departure Eumete tells Penelope that Telemaco has arrived in Ithaca, but she is doubtful: "Such uncertain things redouble my grief. Oedipus became king when he married Jocasta. Penelope could have chosen a husband from one of the wooers. Question: > Thank you for you time and help! Answer: Penelope is not a hero, rather she is a heroine. I hope the pictures show just how glossy and lacy this beautiful slip truly is. Od. È pur ver che tu torni, Eurimaco! This is in spite of the fact that she had plenty of money and could have chosen another husband easily. "[n 7] Her grief is echoed by her nurse, Ericlea. It is to Penelope’s credit that this never happens. The Italian musicologist Giacomo Benvenuti maintained, on the basis of a 1942 performance in Milan, that the work was simply not good enough to be by Monteverdi. Question: Can you please share the detailed description of Penelope and Odysseus’ marriage bed? And she could not afford to recognize an imposter. [44] A 2006 Welsh National Opera production by David Alden, designed by Ian McNeil, featured neon signs, stuffed cats, a Neptune in flippers and a wet suit, Minerva in the form of the aviator Amelia Earhart, and Jupiter as a small-time hustler, an interpretation defended by the critic Anna Picard – "the gods were always contemporary fantasies, while an abandoned wife and a humbled hero are eternals. Based on penelope’s perspective, how is she different from how the epic portrays her? Once law is applied there is no need for vengeance and peace and prosperity can return. Answer: The wardrobe of Penelope is quite a challenge. Penelope is a heroine and Clytemnestra is a murderer. Penelope’s father, Icarus is said to have offered his daughter to anyone who could best him in a footrace. The two sing passionately of their love for each other ("You are my sweet life"). Answer: Telemachus was the son of Odysseus and Penelope. The texts are all generally the same in each case, and all differ from the one surviving copy of Monteverdi's musical score, which has three acts instead of five, a different prologue, a different ending, and many scenes and passages either omitted or rearranged. Did festivals and public events affect her? Answer: She was loyal and devoted, and she knew how to put a man to the test. Penelope was a beautiful woman. Answer: I do not think so. But Penelope kept them divided and they never controlled anything. [12] The libretto was written with the express purpose of tempting Monteverdi to enter the world of Venetian opera, and it evidently captured the elderly composer's imagination. Each separate scene is typically a mixture of musical elements: recitative, arioso, arietta and sometimes ensemble, with occasional instrumental interludes. Question: What skills does Penelope use throughout the Odyssey that makes her a strong woman character? I am writing an essay about Penelope, and basically had the same view on what you wrote, but what I wanted to know is how is she characterized in terms of what themes and ideas is her character associated, and how her role contributes to the narrative? She wonders what he is like now. Question: Penelope seemed to be very compassionate toward Odysseus. [7][10], Giacomo Badoaro (1602–1654) was a prolific poet in the Venetian dialect who was a member of the Accademia degli Incogniti, a group of free-thinking intellectuals interested in promoting musical theatre in Venice—Badoaro himself held a financial interest in the Teatro Novissimo. Question: What are some characteristics of an epic? Il ritorno has been described as an "ugly duckling", and conversely as the most tender and moving of Monteverdi's surviving operas, one which although it might disappoint initially, will on subsequent hearings reveal a vocal style of extraordinary eloquence. Back in the palace the nurse Ericlea has discovered Ulisse's identity by recognising a scar on his back, but does not immediately reveal this information: "Sometimes the best thing is a wise silence. Answer: There are many quotes from Penelope in the Odyssey. The two celebrate their reunion before Ulisse sends Telemaco to the palace, promising to follow shortly. I really need to know what the assistant to the queen would be like. Fiamma e l'ira, o gran dea, foco è lo sdegno! If a man could string the bow and shoot an arrow through the holes in ax heads that had been lined up she would marry the man. One man a king is like to hate, another he might chance to love. You know this compatibility is important so who is the better judge, the couple or their parents? Answer: This can be done by reading the Odyssey. become wild and good-looking like Molly used to be. What media were used? This is quite a challenge for working women today. Ponnelle's 1978 presentation in Edinburgh was later described as "infamous";[41] at the time, critic Stanley Sadie praised the singers but criticised the production for its "frivolity and indeed coarseness". Penelope wear a silver full slip: Slightly flared full slip made of the softest glossy fabric which feels wonderful against the skin.The bust and hem are both edged with gorgeous two tone lace to complete the look of this extremely feminine full slip. The second ten years was harder because Odysseus was hidden on the Island of Ogygia and everyone thought he was probably drowned. Question: if you had to pick someone that Penelope would be most like these days who would it be? ineptly explain metempsychosis this morning. with other women. Did her character change a lot? Click on one of the following to see a picture of Penelope: To ask a question about this topic note the topic (Penelope) and Click here. Penelope may have been 13 at that time as this was the normal marriage for women. [38] For the next half-century performances remained rare. Question: What does Penelope show as she unravels the shroud she waved? But she is also concerned that she not be duped by an imposter. Monteverdi was an established court composer in the service of Duke Vincenzo Gonzaga in Mantua when he wrote his first operas, L'Orfeo and L'Arianna, in the years 1606–08. [63] Raymond Leppard's 1972 Glyndebourne version was recorded in a concert performance in the Royal Albert Hall; the following year the same Glyndebourne cast was recorded in a full stage performance. It was Odysseus who had proposed the oath that settled the suit for Helen. annoyingly girlish Dublin singers, and Bloom’s help with her career. Odysseus found out about Penelope when he went to woo Helen. to learn photography, because he sensed Molly and Boylan’s impending affair. so he could feel my breasts all perfume Why does Penelope consider storytelling “A low Art”? [17], It is not known when Monteverdi received the libretto from Badoaro, but this was presumably during or before 1639 since the work was being prepared for performance in the 1639–40 carnival. Answer: The ancient Greeks thought Penelope was a real person while this does not seem to be true of Lysistrata. But instead she became a queen. Because Penelope and Odysseus loved one another, their intimacy allowed her to know things about Odysseus that other persons did not know. [31] A theory offered by Italian opera historian Nino Pirrotta that the Bologna performance was the work's première is not supported by subsequent research. Answer: Penelope is very wise and skilled at manipulating men. [20] The first complete recording was that of Nikolaus Harnoncourt and Concentus Musicus Wien in 1971. Boer War. Homer was able to make changes in how the story was told and to emphasize one thing over another. Answer: Penelope was very constant and faithful. You have fastened on the house, in the long absence of its master, as the scene of your perpetual feasts, and you could offer no better pretext for you conduct than you wish to win my hand in marriage. 3. This view is supported by a study of the performance schedules for other Venice operas, and by the knowledge that the Manelli company had severed its connection with the Teatro Cassiano before the 1639–40 season. This work was received with great enthusiasm, as was the same pair's La Maga fulminata the following year. However, they are unnerved when a symbolic eagle flies overhead, so they abandon their plan and renew their efforts to capture Penelope's heart, this time with gold. So when Odysseus returned to Ithaca in about 1166 BCE, Penelope was about 48 years old. "[6] This remark proved prescient; Monteverdi's first public contribution to Venetian opera came in the 1639–40 carnival season, a revival of his L'Arianna at the Teatro San Moisè. Answer: There is no painting that was done when they were alive. Bloom has asked her to serve him breakfast in bed. Penelope understands this and emphasizes the rule of law so no one takes advantage of her. Answer: It was not expected that a Greek man would only have sex with his wife. One important role is that she anchors the kingship of Ithaca. [23] In the view of conductor and instrumentalist Sergio Vartolo, these findings establish Monteverdi as the principal composer "beyond a shadow of a doubt". [15][16] Some of the libretto copies locate the opera's first performance at Teatro San Cassiano, although Teatro SS Giovanni e Paolo is now generally accepted as the opening venue. What do you think the inscription “Penelope Coivnx Seper Vilixis Ero” at the base of the tapestry might mean, and how does it relate to her story? Answer: Click on the links above to see the pictures. See the following: Click Here. See them above. As long as she can keep them competing with each other they will not organize and become an army that defeats her. Beginning with this I hewed out my bed, till I had finished it, [200] inlaying it with gold and silver and ivory, and I stretched on it a thong of ox-hide, bright with purple.”. Question: The painting of “Penelope at ther loom”. Question: What are the strength and weakness of Penelope in Odyssey and of that time period? But she remained loyal to her husband. In fact fifty or more suitors wanted, and expected her to do this. "[n 19], Deprived of the suitors' patronage, Iro commits suicide after a doleful monologue ("O grief, O torment that saddens the soul! The most difficult custom she had to deal with was the fact that her person was identified with the realm that her husband ruled. [31][36], The Vienna manuscript score was published by Robert Haas in 1922. And this fertility connected the female to the earth and its resources. She was intelligent and obviously a talented weaver. [9] The South African artist and animator William Kentridge devised a version of the opera based on the use of puppets and animated film, using around half of the music. In rapid succession three more opera houses opened in the city, as the ruling families of the Republic sought to express their wealth and status by investing in the new musical fashion. Molly intuits Howsoever, it was the god that set her upon this shameful deed; nor ever, ere that, did she lay up in her heart the thought of this folly, a bitter folly, whence on us too first came sorrow.” (Odyssey, Book XXIII). Question: Did Penelope suffer more than Odysseus? Considering her dark, Spanish looks which she inherited from her Molly ponders her close but tense relationship with Milly, who has The husband of Penelope became the king of Ithaca. Answer: Here is the section in the Odyssey: “She (Penelope) set up a great tambour frame in her room, and began to work on an enormous piece of fine needlework. This allows Odysseus to kill most of the wooers before they gang up on him. By using a variety of musical styles, Monteverdi is able to express the feelings and emotions of a great range of characters, divine and human, through their music. The suitors were looking for an easy way to advance themselves and she wanted someone who could do worthy work. [13][30] From markings in the extant score, it is likely that the first Venice performances were in five acts, the three-act form being introduced either in Bologna or in the second Venice season. Its music, while showing the influence of earlier works, also demonstrates Monteverdi's development as a composer of opera, through his use of fashionable forms such as arioso, duet and ensemble alongside the older-style recitative. The most interesting aspect of the couples that you list is what system was used to determine compatibility in each case and did it work. Much the same criticism, says Arnold, may be levelled at Harnoncourt's 1971 recording. But for her part she was eager to point out that wooing had its own customs. [49] In the 1960s, however, David Johnson found it necessary to warn prospective Il ritorno listeners that if they expected to hear opera akin to Verdi, Puccini or Mozart, they would be disappointed: "You have to submit yourself to a much slower pace, to a much more chaste conception of melody, to a vocal style that is at first or second hearing merely like dry declamation and only on repeated hearings begins to assume an extraordinary eloquence. They must have loved each other deeply for Odysseus to choose this option. Iro, perhaps "the first great comic character in opera", [55] opens his Act 3 monologue with a wail of distress that stretches across eight bars of music. In keeping with the general character of Venetian opera, the work was written for a small band—around five string players and various continuo instruments. Use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Gibraltar girlhood to Milly. Millions of books are just a click away on and through our FREE NOOK reading apps. Finally, after Ulisse describes the pattern of Penelope's private bedlinen, knowledge that only he could possess, she is convinced. Now he wants to return home to his beloved wife, Penelope, & son, Telemachus. Her third husband provided more satisfaction than either of the first two. Question: I am trying to find the letter that Penelope wrote to Odysseus, Answer: Homer does not mention such a letter. Donata un giorno, o dei, contento a' desir miei, Come, oh come mal si salva un regio amante, Pastor d'armenti può prati e boschi lodar, Oh gran figlio d'Ulisse! Penelope Gallery. childhood, her friendship there with Hester Stanhope and Hester’s The following is a list of the "scenes" into which the libretto is divided. But this topic is too big. Answer: You really need to look at the original Greek to see what word is being translated. Question: Do you have any quotes from Penelope? She got them to compete with one another in various ways. pornographic pictures with the nymph picture that Bloom used to In this he accomplished what the suitors of Penelope could not an took control of the Kingdom of Ithaca according to that custom. In the end Odysseus ends up with the bow and the wooers end up weaponless. Two women who did kind things are Antigone and Ismene. In the classical period there were no queens. Di misera regina non terminati mai dolenti affani! Can this matrilineal system be seen in any other ancient Greek works? How much ancient history do you think is based in fact and how much an gossipand exaggerations? How are Penelope and Jocasta similar ? Question: Where can I find pictures of Penelope. In the palace, Melanto complains to Eurimaco that Penelope still refuses to choose a suitor: "In short, Eurymachus, the lady has a heart of stone. She devised this scheme because she had seen her husband do this many times. During the Classical period the status of women was reduced because it was thought the male provided the form of the baby while the female provided only the substance. Question: I have commissioned four tapestries to be hand woven on the life of Penelope. Question: Do you have a picture of Laertes? So she decided to maintain a status quo. The suitors are potential, formidable army who have no benefit from the return of Odysseus. why or why not? Including Amazons, Goddesses, Nymphs, and Archaic Females from Mycenaen and Minoan Cultures, The Role of Women in the Art of Ancient Greece, Relief with Eurykleia, Odysseus, and Penelope. What she does causes them to stay divided and unable to force their will upon her. She has an excellent control of the powers normally available to a woman and she uses these powers to great effect. what do you think of Odysseus? The role was initially sung, in Venice and Bologna, by Maddalena Manelli, wife of Francesco. In fact, though it was normal for the man to move to the woman’s land and rule, Penelope left with Odysseus to be queen in his land. Question: Where can I fin information about Laertes-Odyssey”s father. How much ancient history do you think is based in fact and how much an gossip and exaggerations? Her new husband would be king.

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