pizza style bonci

Our pizza lineup changes sometimes hourly depending on what seasonal produce and toppings are … Pizzas; Locations; Online Order; Catering; eCard; Pizzas. This sheet style pizza needs pre-baking first! After you have stretched the pizza dough and placed it on the baking tray, cover with tomato sauce (see Gnocchi alla Sorrentina) or canned San … And it’s an approach he’s using to change the pizza game. Bonci is a reinvention of pizza that embraces quality above all else. (Steve Dolinsky). Bonci pizzas … “There has been no progress,” says Bonci. Bonci Pizza. Roman-style Pizza al Taglio. Bonci USA is a Rome-based Italian import pizza shop that serves a delicious and unique variety of pizzas known as Pizza al Taglio, "which refers to the sturdy rectangular trays that the pizza gets baked in." That “quality without compromise” approach is a philosophy Gabriele learned at a young age working at some of the finest restaurants in Rome.

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