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95 Cimapane also played the violone, Belcore the organ, Poli the cornet, Oriente the viola, Bartolomeo Mossi the violin, Giuseppe Mossi and Penna the violoncello, Carosi and Minissari the double bass and finally Benincasa, Erba, Ghirlarducci, Haim, Carosi and Travaglia the trombone. Shipping anytime soon. Prodotto arrivato nei tempi previsti, un bellissimo rosario come descritto nella foto corrisponde. Whether negative or positive, we'll post every comment in full, as quickly as possible, after being moderated to comply with guidelines. Beautiful devotional rosary to pray to St. Michael and the Angelic Crown! Evidence for this hypothesis comes from the Carnival season of 1720, when dedications were made to two members of European royalty who were benefiting from the protection of Pope Clement XI: James Francis Edward Stuart and his wife Maria Clementina Sobieska. 111 I want to thank Anne-Madeleine Goulet for further reflections on the concept of musical “taste” in Rome. 5th November 1940", "Art.IWM PST 16448 – San Demetrio Gets Home", "BHC1615 – The San Demetrio at the Jervis Bay action, 5 November 1940", Official interview 20 November 1940 with Charles Pollard, Chief Engineer, and Arthur C. Hawkins, 2nd Officer, Shipwrecks and maritime incidents in November 1940, Shipwrecks and maritime incidents in March 1942,, Ships sunk by German submarines in World War II, World War II merchant ships of the United Kingdom, World War II shipwrecks in the Atlantic Ocean, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 28 July 2020, at 10:13. Rosario really well done. 108 For changes in the name and owners of the Teatro delle Dame, see Veneziano in this volume note 4. lo portano sempre in tasca. Together with Gizzi they were active at the Grimani theater in Venice in 1729 (Semiramide riconosciuta). Blichmann [in preparation] = D. Blichmann, Effetti scenografici e macchine spettacolari nelle performance pubbliche nella Roma del primo Settecento, in J.-M. Dominguez, A.-M. Goulet, É. Oriol (dir. Tanenbaum – Talbot 2003. 105 The virtuoso aria Il pastor se torna aprile (Semiramide) is one of the few exceptions. Canzoni Anni 80 Straniere, 96 The “cimbalaro” Cremesi is included in the amount. Intent on leaving Urbino as soon as possible, Stuart and his supporter John Erskine, the Duke of Mar, followed David Nairne to Rome in mid-November 1718, where the latter figure organized accommodation for the Stuart court. 8France’s lack of support for Stuart after 1715 seems to have influenced certain developments in Rome, notably the properties of Count Giacomo d’Alibert that became vacant following his death in 1713. With beautiful effigies of St. Michael the Archangel. Cf. They did not rent the regular boxes (cf. This finally led to artistic perfection in Porpora’s outstanding opera, Adelaide, in the first half of the decade. Belloni was the third-born of a rich Lombard merchant family who had moved to Bologna, and he was a banker for Stuart’s mother, Maria Beatrice d’Este of Modena. Roszkowska 1984 = W. Roszkowska, Filippo Juvarra al servizio dei Sobieski, in M. Bristiger, J. Kowalczyk, J. Lipiński (ed. This raises the question of whether Farinelli (and Vinci) might have been responsible for Metastasio’s return to Rome and his involvement with the Teatro delle Dame. even more beautiful than in photos. Occhi Neri Mal, Markuszewska 2016b = A. Markuszewska, Queen of Italy, Mother of the Kings or Adelaide on Opera Stages: A Case Study of Adelaide (Rome 1723), in V. Katalinič (ed. ASMOM, CT441 B = ASMOM, Ricetta di Roma, Teatro Alibert, CT441, Teatro Alibert stagione 1722/23 [Libro Mastro]. Cf. I am delighted with this choice. Corp 2011, p. 25-35, 175-193. Cf. Spedizione e imballaggio perfetti. For a detailed discussion, see Blichmann 2018, p. 126. ), L’invenzione del gusto: Corelli e Vivaldi. However, the respective Libro Mastro (CT422, c. 33) does not list “Sua Maestà [Brittanica]” renting the boxes, which were alternatively rented for 260 scudi by Don Felix Cornego and Marquis Girolamo Muti, signora Marquis Tassi and Virginio Cenci and Don Tomaso Leti. 13It is striking that fifteen of the twenty opera texts written between 1720 and 1730 were preexisting librettos readapted for the Teatro Alibert with new musical settings. The Crown is very well laid out and the Medal of Saint Michael is really beautiful. The other composers present in the library are Domenico Scarlatti, who was active in Rome at San Pietro in 1717/1718, Francesco Gasparini, also active in Rome and the composer of the music for Il Pirro and Il trace in catena (both in 1717 at the Teatro Capranica),32 Francesco Mancini, vice-maestro della cappella reale in Naples, and Nicola Porpora, active at the Conservatorio of S. Onofrio in the same city.33, 7The following points are of interest:1. Furthermore, Broschi performed the last arias at the end of act III in Adelaide (Per te nel caro nido) and Scipione (Come scherzo la mia sorte) just before Italia and Virtue appeared “in Machina”100 (table 6). Silvagni 1967 = D. Silvagni, La corte e la società romana nei secoli XVII e XIX, 3 vol., Naples, 1967, vol. Arrived in a very short time. Ideale per un regalo. Stuart probably attended one pasticcio and two opera performances at the Teatro della Fortuna in Fano: the pasticcio was La fede ne’ tradimenti, with arias taken from Giovanni Maria Bononcini’s Il trionfo di Camilla (Londo 1709).25 The first opera was La costanza in trionfo (imprimatur December 23, 1717) with text by Francesco Silvani. Études et perspectives de recherche, Rome, 2012 (Collection de l’École française de Rome, 466). The Venetian singer, probably heard by the Duke of Mar during his sojourn in Venice in 1717, could have recommended this castrato to Stuart. Although we do not have any precise proof, this could have been driven by the special requests of the Stuart-Sobieska couple to Alibert and the theater impresario. Customer Service note 87. Finally, yet importantly, the eight coloraturas of Broschi, far more imposing than those of Gizzi, reach up to ten bars (fig. Documenti inediti, in Note d’Archivio per la storia musicale (nuova serie, anno V), Venice, 1987, p. 69-126. Although he participated in fewer musical representations than Broschi, he received the highest salary.99 Both castratos were involved in the most important arias during the dramatic culminations at the end of act I and II. The dedicatees belonged to Roman noble families that supported the Stuart-Sobieska couple in Italy. It was in his Belloni Palace that Stuart received the Papal Legate: Cardinal Origo Curzio, the Papal Vice-Legate, Saverio Cavaniglio, the Archbishop of Bologna, Giacomo Boncompagni, and Don Carlo Albani.41 Stuart also waited here for Maria Clementina (from October 15 to November 9, 1718), while she remained in captivity in Innsbruck. ..bellissima corona devozionale, leggera e molto scorrevole nelle mani; peccato che la mia è arrivata con un anello sganciato, piccolo difetto ma riparabile con del filo da cucito. Ottimo prodotto, la foto corrisponde perfettamente all'oggetto e tempi di consegna rispettati. bello nei dettagli oltre che ovviamente per il suo valore spirituale. In 1721/1722 four musicians were on two trumpets and two hunting trumpets, while in the following year three trumpets, three hunting trumpets and two hunting horns are registered. Rostirolla 2001 = G. Rostirolla (ed. Rosario molto bello con medaglia ben definita,prezzo ottimo e consegna veloce, Beautiful Rosary with definite Medal, great price and fast delivery. In Blichmann 2012, p. 200-201, musicians are listed by instrument. I was delighted with my order from Holy Art. Liturgia Venerdì Santo 2019, Table 1 – Alibert opera performances 1720-1730. Then you can write a comment about it. Very nice Rosary to honor St. Michael. 53” (ASMOM, CT421, c. 63) could probably also refer to Bisucci. Testata giornalistica online iscritta al tribunale di Napoli. For other unforeseen inconveniences, cf. Molto veloce e affidabile anche il servizio. Congratulations! See De Angelis 1951, p. 133, and Franchi 1997, p. 126. 60 Blichmann 2012, p. 116-117. Initially, Stuart greatly opposed this marriage, not at least because he had previously tried in vain to secure a marriage to one of the daughters of Emperor Charles VI (who was the maternal uncle of Maria Clementina). Bella corona devozionale, i colore dei grani confluisce serietà e bellezza al rosario, Beautiful devotional Crown, grain color flows constant reliability and beauty to the Rosary. Some of these documents have been partially transcribed in Blichmann 2012. 100 This topic will be published in an article by the author (Blichmann [in preparation]). Emerson Royal Wikipedia, ), which fitted the context of the arias. 35 For music at the Stuart court, see Leech 2004. Replay Testo Gaga, The day after he departed for Fano where he resided until March 2, 1718.23 This journey had a logical motive. The dedication is therefore a remarkable document of the relations between intellectuals and power, and an explicit and codified investigation tool that must be interpreted according to its language and the conditions under which it was published.58 Fifteen librettos published for opera representations at the Teatro Alibert were revised dramas of old librettos (table 1). Spese fatte e denari pagati per servitio del teatro d’Alibert con ordine et approvatione dell’Illustrissimi signori deputati 1721. Francesco Foscari, nobile veneto e governatore generale di Perugia e dell’Umbria, Perugia, Per il Costantini, 1714. I have no words! ASMOM, CT441 A, p. 6 and 10). adatto per i devoti al santo ma non solo. Poesie O Frasi Sulla Bicicletta, xxxv, p. 99. We know that “during the carnival season of 1717 an English visitor […] was in Venice […]. A well-made product, well cared for. note 49. The devotional Rosary for the invoice is average, but that's what I needed. 86 The trumpet players are not always mentioned by name, but are included under the name of Ludovico Vacca. addirittura più bello che in foto. Secondly, he was able to establish a new musical-cultural center, providing the impetus for Antonio d’Alibert to build a new theater that, in terms of patronage networks and family ties, functioned as the surrogate of both Count Alibert’s Teatro Tordinona and Marie-Casimire’s Palazzo Zuccari theater. Mediaset La7, The combination of the sweet new styled music of Vinci and the reformed Arcadian opera text by Metastasio was perfect, and all five of their productions mark important stylistic, musical, and interpretive changes. Imballaggio accurato. Vivendo in una parrocchia dedicata a San Michele non potevo "esimermi" dal comprare una sua coroncina. Complimenti! Great delivery of the order within days, the quality... Hello, Everything was excellent. 5 For more information concerning these representations, see Franchi 1997, for roles and interpreters, see Sartori 1990-1994, for sources, see Strohm 1976, for the stage design and action on stage, see Blichmann 2018, and for the payments of the staff, refer to the PerformArt database. Anpi Rieti, excellent excellent quality of workmanship, material used beautiful Archangel Michael in coin,. Magnifica corona devozionale, immagini ben definite, spedizione rapida ed accurata! I have to say that I am most impressed in several ways: efficiency-items were... As usual the service has been excellent. Considering the facts mentioned above we can presume that selecting Gasparini’s work for the first Alibert operas was not an accidental choice; it coincides with the arrival of the Stuart-Sobieska couple in Rome and with their protection of this opera house. È bellissimo, non me lo aspettavo cosi rifinito. La prima testimonianza della presenza di Demetrio come difensore della città risale al 596, quando la città fu invasa dagli Avaro-Slavi. Nevertheless, in both love arias, Porpora had chosen a moderately virtuoso notation. This project is funded by the European Research Council (ERC) in accordance with the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program (grant agreement No. advice for those who are devoted. Non ho parole! Giornata Mondiale Degli Insegnanti Doodle, Minimum order quantity of 12 pieces or multiple of 12. Very light shiny angelic crown, particularly compliments. 48 For details on the cultural activities of the Stuart-Sobieska couple in the Palazzo Muti and in Rome, see Corp 2011, p. 59-95. At the Palazzo Ruspoli a prestigious musical meeting in honor of Stuart (“Conversatione del Rè”) was organized on June 30, 1717, as “a tribute to the taste of the Majesty of England”.49 Stuart had a particularly friendly relationship with Cardinal Filippo Antonio Gualterio (1660-1728), who was nominated Cardinal Protector of England, and with the other two cardinal protectors of his kingdoms, Giuseppe Sacripanti (1642-1727) and Giuseppe Renato Imperiali (1651-1738). Corp 2005a. Goulet 2014b = A.-M. Goulet, Princesse des Ursins, loyal subject of the king of France and foreign princess in Rome (1675-1701), in R. Ahrendt, M. Ferraguto, D. Mahiet (ed. 110 For the high quality of the Vinci and “Neapolitan” productions in Rome, see Veneziano in this volume. Spedizione velocissima. See ASMOM, CT441 A, p. 39 (Denari riscossi delli palchetti incredenzati). Molto bello, nei dettagli e nei materiali. These manuscripts are kept in the National Library of Scotland (two arias from La Merope by Orlandini, Bologna 1717) and others in the Berkeley Castle (arias from La costanza trionfante by Vivaldi, Venice 1716). Blichmann 2012, p. 40. Molto molto bello. Pregai intensa­mente, con tutta la mia fede, e alla fine della mia preghiera sentii dentro il mio cuore che niente è impossibile a Dio. Arrivata in brevissimo tempo. ), La Fortuna di Roma. 3The Teatro Alibert was situated near Piazza di Spagna,8 on the Pincian Hill in an area that was then called “Orti di Napoli”, near the Via Margutta in the Vicolo del Carciofolo.9 At the beginning of the eighteenth century, this Roman district was full of hotels and cafés that were frequented by cultured and wealthy foreign travelers. Markuszewska 2013 = A. Markuszewska, Alla Maestà Clementina Regina Della Gran Bretagna: The Political Significance of Dedications on the Example of Selected Operas Staged in the Teatro d’Alibert in Rome (1720-1730), in Musicology Today, 2013, p. 46-52. 73 Porpora’s music is an adaption of Lotti’s setting for Venice in 1711. 9 For example, ASMOM, CT441 C (“Entrata et uscita”, 1722), Uscita, p. 59. 70 The style of Vinci coincided with the “morbidezza dello stile” di Metastasio. Apostoli residenza degli Stuart a Roma, in Storia dell’arte, 84, 1995, p. 307-328. De Angelis 1951 = A. Anpi Roma, ASMOM, CT424, c. 70). Their modern singing style combined with the new type of musical composition by Porpora, who focused on the relationship and interaction between the orchestra and vocal part,79 is demonstrated by the two librettos Flavio Anicio Olibrio and Adelaide.80 Although Porpora had already prepared a Flavio-setting for Naples in 1711, in 1722 he wrote completely new music for the Roman setting.81 It is likely that this combined his style with the vocal characteristics of the two singers, especially those of Broschi who was scholar of Porpora.

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