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[24] The fact that during the strikes in Milan and Turin, Italian soldiers fraternized with the striking workers, who used slogans associated with the banned Socialist and Communist parties deeply worried Italy's conservative establishment. Brother of Margherita of Savoy, Queen consort of Italy. 636, pag. S  >  Savoie  |  D  >  di Savoia  >  Tommaso (Savoie) di Savoia, WIKITREE HOME   |   ABOUT   |   G2G FORUM   |   HELP   |   SEARCH. Savòia, Tommaso II di, conte di Fiandra. Death: Hautecombe, Savoie on Google Maps | Open Street Map. [64] The interview with The Times caused a storm of controversy in Italy with many Italians objecting to Umberto's claim that the responsibility for Italy entering the war rested with ordinary Italians and his apparent ignorance of the difficulties of holding public protests under the Fascist regime in 1940. duca di Genova Tommaso Alberto Vittorio di Savoia, Prince (1854 - 1931) - Genealogy Genealogy for Tommaso Alberto Vittorio di Savoia, Prince (1854 - 1931) family tree on Geni, with over 200 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives. With his preceptor, Bonaldi, he went to Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile. It will not divide it". There are additional tools below. [67] Croce wrote: "The Prince of Piedmont for twenty-two years has never shown any sign of acting independently of his father. If there are multiple managers or genealogists involved, you will need to send separate messages. However, the referendum passed, Italy was declared a republic, and Umberto lived out the rest of his life in exile in Cascais, on the Portuguese Riviera. [30] During the secret armistice talks, Badoglio told Count Pietro Acquarone that he thought he might get better terms if Victor Emmanuel abdicated in favor of Umberto, complaining that the armistice terms that the king wanted were unacceptable to the Allies. [13] The rumors did have at least some basis in fact as Marie Jose's doctor later confirmed that three out of the four royal children were conceived via artificial insemination as Umberto did not like to make love to his wife. Essendo il maschio terzogenito, Tommaso fu avviato alla carriera ecclesiastica; il documento n° 58 del Peter der Zweite, Graf von Savoyen, Markgraf in Italien, ci conferma che nel 1224, Tommaso era un chierico, infatti assieme al padre, al fratello primogenito, Amedeo, alla madre ed agli altri fratelli chierici (Ipse Thomas comes, Amedeus primogenitus illius, Comitissa uxor Thomæ, eorum quatuor filii clerici videl. [62] However, De Gasperi admitted that though the monarchy was a conservative institution, "it was difficult to answer the argument that the monarchy had done little to serve the interests of the country or people during the past thirty years". DXXIX, pag 193, Monumenta Germaniae Historica, Scriptores, Tomus XXIII, Chronica Albrici Monachi Trium Fontium, anno 1232, pag 930, Regesta comitum Sabaudiae, doc. [47] The Italian court relocated itself to Brindisi in the south of Italy after fleeing Rome. [66] Sforza wrote in his diary of his belief that Victor Emmanuel, "that little monster", had put Umberto up to the interview with the aim of discrediting his son. [40] In the part of Italy under the control of the ACC, which issued orders to the Italian civil servants, a free press was allowed together with freedom of association and expression. This flexible tool enables you to see more ancestors and/or descendants on one page than anywhere else on WikiTree. Location Maps [independent apps] This simple page illustrates nuclear families based on marriages. o la scuola per il mondo accademico, a scuola, primaria, secondaria, di mezzo, università, laurea tecnica, college, università, laurea, master o dottorati; [13], Umberto II lived for 37 years in exile, in Cascais, on the Portuguese Riviera. Thomas II (c. 1199 – 7 February 1259) was the Lord of Piedmont from 1233 to his death, Count of Flanders jure uxoris from 1237 to 1244, and regent of the County of Savoy from 1253 to his death, while his nephew Boniface was fighting abroad. [78] People in the Mezzogiorno loved their king, who on the campaign trail in Sicily showed an encyclopedic knowledge of Sicilian villages which greatly endeared him to the Sicilians. Any image uploaded to WikiTree can be sent as a free e-card, including photos of Tommaso II or scans of vintage postcards. [12] On the campaign trail, Umberto was received with much more friendliness in the south of Italy than in the north. Quinto figlio di Tommaso I, conte di Savoia e di Margherita (o Beatrice) di Faucigny, figlia del conte Guglielmo I di Ginevra, e fratello di Amedeo IV, suo immediato predecessore nella linea dinastica in quanto primogenito maschio. Login to post. [60] Sam Reber, an American official with the ACC, who had known Umberto before the war, met the prince in Naples in early 1944 and wrote he found him "greatly improved. [78] Before departing for Egypt, Victor Emmanuel saw Umberto for the last time, saying farewell in a cold, emotionless way. Previté-Orton, "L'Italia nella seconda metà del XIII secolo", cap. "[12] He had a fondness for officers from well-off families. A sign of how unpopular the House of Savoy had become was that on 28 March 1944, when the Italian Communist leader Palmiro Togliatti returned to Italy after a long exile in the Soviet Union, did not press for an immediate proclamation of a republic. [76], By late 1944, the question of whether it was the CLN or the Crown that represented the Italian people came to a head. 1 He gained the title of Conte di Savoia. [13] To make up for what he called the "devastating burden" of his life, Umberto spent much time praying for divine forgiveness for his homosexuality. [63] Both the British and Americans told Umberto that Ethiopia had its independence restored in 1941 and would not revert to Italian rule, while the Allies had promised that Yugoslavia would be restored to its pre-war frontiers after the war. [62] Speaking of behalf of the CLN in general, the Roman leadership of the CLN refused to join the cabinet as long it was headed by Badoglio, but indicated that Bonomi was an acceptable choice as prime minister for them. [17], Umberto shared his father's fears that Mussolini's policy of alliance with Germany was reckless and dangerous, but he made no serious move to oppose Italy becoming an Axis power. [33] In response to the German occupation of Italy, neither Victor Emmanuel nor Marshal Badoglio made any effort at organised resistance, instead issued vague instructions to the Italian military and civil servants to do their best, and fled Rome during the night of 8–9 September 1943. Profile managers are alerted to new comments via email, everyone on the Trusted List will see a notice about it in their activity feeds, and people who visit Tommaso II's profile in the future will see your comment. It will name the relationship, e.g. The DNA Ancestors page shows the specific ancestors from whom Tommaso II gets his Y chromosome and mitochondrial DNA. [2] During the crisis of May 1915, when Victor Emmanuel III decided to break the terms of the Triple Alliance by declaring war on the Austrian empire, he found himself in a quandary as the Italian Parliament was against declaring war; several times, the king discussed abdication with the throne to pass to the Duke of Aosta instead of Umberto. There are a variety of connected tools, such as Savoie DNA Connections and SAVOIE G2G. [89] On the day before the referendum, 1 June 1946, Pope Pius XII in a sermon on St. Peter's Square that was widely seen as endorsing Umberto said: "What is the problem? By mutual agreement, Umberto and Mussolini always kept a distance. 73 risultati per tommaso di savoia ... E0170 Aosta - Monumento Sepolcrale del Conte Tommaso II di Savoia - 1912 Stampa. You only need to join if you want to receive updates about him in your activity feeds or complete merges. [78] The Catholic Church saw the continuation of the monarchy as the best way of keeping the Italian left out of power, and during the referendum campaign Catholic priests used their pulpits to warn that "all the pains of hell" were reserved for those who voted for a republic. [22], In 1943, the Crown Princess Marie José involved herself in vain attempts to arrange a separate peace treaty between Italy and the United States. You can zoom in or out and pan around for the perfect view as you browse. Questa pagina è stata modificata per l'ultima volta il 3 set 2020 alle 08:53. VI, vol. [82] An attempt by Umberto to have Churchill issue a public statement in favor of the monarchy led Macmillan to warn Umberto to try to be more politically neutral as regent. [86] Over the opposition of the left-wing parties who wanted the "institutional question" resolved by the Constituent Assembly, De Gasperi announced that a referendum would be held to decide the "institutional question". [60] The historian and philosopher Benedetto Croce, a minister in the Badoglio cabinet, called Umberto "entirely insignificant" as he found the crown prince to be shallow, vain, superficial, and of low intelligence, and alluding to his homosexuality stated his private life was "tainted by scandal". [76] Badoglio's offer was rejected as Admiral Ellery W. Stone of the ACC was opposed to Umberto's plans to have Bonomi share power with Badoglio and Orlando as upsetting the delicately achieved political consensus for no other reason than to increase the Crown's power. [62], Umberto in September 1944 vetoed an attempt by the Bonomi government to start an investigation of who was responsible for abandoning Rome in September 1943 as he feared that it show his father was a coward. HM George I's 13-Great Grandfather. Ancestor List for Tommaso II (Savoie) di Savoia [52] The Fascist newspapers reported in lucid, sensationalist, and in a decidedly homophobic way Umberto's various relationships with men as a way of discrediting him. [13] In 1933, when Carnera was asked what he and Umberto were doing together, he replied that "the prince had received him wearing a swimming costume and asked him to go for a swim with him in the pool. In that settlement, the cities were recognized as independent, though they did not achieve the territorial or economic benefits they were originally seeking.[8]. [20], After the capitulation of France, Mussolini kept Umberto inactive as Army commander. Under strong pressure from Robert Murphy and Harold Macmillan of the ACC at a meeting on 10 April 1944, Victor Emmanuel transferred most of his powers to Umberto. [19] After the war, Umberto criticised the decision to enter the war, saying that Victor Emmanuel was too much under "Mussolini's spell" in June 1940 to oppose it. 159 - 162, Peter der Zweite, Graf von Savoyen, Markgraf in Italien, doc. In response, Pope Alexander IV placed an interdict against Turin and Asti, and King Henry III of England imprisoned all Lombards in his kingdom. [62] Lucifero suggested reforms, which were implemented, such as reducing the number of aristocrats and generals at the court as while bringing in people from all the regions of Italy instead of just Piedmont to make the court more representative of Italy. Si tratta di una mappa mentale in linea gigante che serve come base per gli schemi concettuali, immagini o sintesi sinaptica. It's handy when someone had children from more than one marriage. [64] In the same interview, Umberto stated that he wanted post-war Italy to have a government "patterned on the British monarchy, and at the same time incorporating as much of America's political framework as possible". VI, vol. In 1235, when Thomas left his ecclesiastical career, he sought to fully divide his lands from the County of Savoy. [105] Except for public appearances, Umberto and Maria José generally lived apart. Ancestor Listmaker [independent app] [22] On 29 October 1942, he was awarded the rank of Marshal of Italy (Maresciallo d'Italia). Family Group Sheet Trusted List [19] At the beginning of the war, Umberto commanded Army Group West, made up of the First, Fourth and the Seventh Army (kept in reserve), which attacked French forces during the Italian invasion of France. [22] Victor Emmanuel simply did not believe that Marie José was competent to serve as a diplomat. In 1935, Umberto supported the war against Ethiopia, which he called a "legitimate war" that even Giovanni Giolitti would have supported had he still been alive. You can just copy and paste the URL into your favorite social network. [26] Just before the invasion of Sicily, Umberto had gone on inspection tour of the Italian forces in Sicily and reported to his father that the Italians had no hope of holding Sicily. [93], In hopes of influencing public opinion ahead of a referendum on the continuation of the monarchy, Victor Emmanuel formally abdicated in favour of Umberto on 9 May 1946 and left for Egypt. Umberto II (Italian: Umberto Nicola Tommaso Giovanni Maria di Savoia; 15 September 1904 – 18 March 1983) reigned as the last King of Italy. Privacy Setting [23] The strike wave in Milan quickly spread to the industrial city of Turin, where the working class likewise denounced the war and Fascism. But given the unwillingness of the king to abdicate, nothing came of it. [60] The British foreign secretary Anthony Eden wrote after meeting Umberto in a message to London that he was "the poorest of poor creatures", and his only qualification for the throne was that he had more charm than his charmless father. [95] In his last statement as king, Umberto refused to accept the republic, saying he was the victim of a coup d'état by his ministers and the referendum had been rigged against him. Thomas also understood the needs of the emerging merchant class, and worked to provide better rights for them. Umberto, who considered himself a great fashionista, personally designed his bride's wedding dress and according to a popular rumor liked to wear his bride's wedding dress in the company of his gay friends. In 1239, Thomas traveled to England to pay homage to Henry III, King of England. The ambitious goal: scientific confirmation of each parent-child relationship in Tommaso II's tree. The profile page is the central place for organizing and viewing information and sources on an individual. [67] During the German occupation, much of the Roman population had lived on the brink of starvation, young people had arrested on the streets to be taken off to work as slave labor in Germany while the Fascist Milizia together with the Wehrmacht and SS had committed numerous atrocities. Piètro II conte di Savoia detto [...] circa - probabilmente Pierre-Châtel 1268) ... Comune del Piemonte (130,01 km2 con 869.312 ab. He never set foot in his native land again; the 1948 constitution of the Italian Republic not only forbade amending the constitution to restore the monarchy, but until 2002 barred all male heirs to the defunct Italian throne from ever returning to Italian soil. [13] According to the film director and aristocrat Luchino Visconti's autobiography, he and Umberto had a homosexual relationship during their youth in the 1920s. The Relationship Finder icon links next their names will show you their relationship to Tommaso II. He reigned for 34 days,[1] from 9 May 1946 to 12 June 1946, although he had been de facto head of state since 1944, and was nicknamed the May King (Italian: Re di Maggio). [4], The count and countess were very generous toward local churches, and Thomas often followed his wife's lead on such matters. [67], Various Italian politicians had attempted to persuade the Allies to revise the armistice of 1943 in Italy's favor under the grounds that there was a difference between the Fascist regime and the Italian people, and Umberto's statement that the House of Savoy bore no responsibility as he asserted that the Italian people had been of one mind with Mussolini in June 1940 was widely seen as weakening the case for revising the armistice. De Rosa was arrested and, under interrogation, claimed to be a member of the Second International who had fled Italy to avoid arrest for his political views. This tree & tools page is a supplement to it. He chooses to do this at the very moment when, having been designated lieutenant of the kingdom, he ought to be overcoming doubt and distrust as I personally hoped he would succeed in doing. However, Victor Emmanuel retained the title of King. Amedeo IV, dopo la nascita del figlio maschio, Bonifacio, fece un quarto testamento, datato 1252, che indicava Bonifacio come suo erede universale (insituo Bonifacium filium meum mihi eredem in omnibus bonis meis)[41], e un anno dopo un quinto, datato 1253, nel quale conferma Bonifacio suo erede sotto la tutela di suo fratello Tommaso (Haeres universalis Bonifacius filius suus, sub tutela Thomæ comitis). Although he was the next brother of Amadeus IV, he never became the Count of Savoy because he predeceased his nephew, Boniface, who himself died without sons to succeed him. It's very valuable for advanced genealogy. [92] De Gasperi and the other Christian Democratic leaders refused to take sides in the referendum, urging Christian Democratic voters to follow their consciences when it came time to vote. [89] The American historian Norman Kogan cautioned the poll was of Christian Democratic members, which was not the same thing as Christian Democratic voters who tended to be "...rural, female, or generally apolitical". 133, pag 68, Foundation for Medieval Genealogy: conti delle FIANDRE - JEANNE de Fland, Monumenta Germaniae Historica, Scriptores, tomus XXI, Necrologio Sanctæ Waldetrudis, annо 1244, pagina 619, Monumenta Germaniae Historica, Scriptores, tomus V, Annales Blandinienses, anno 1244 pagina 31, Preuves de l'Histoire généalogique de la royale maison de Savoie, pagg 97 - 99, Peter der Zweite, Graf von Savoyen, Markgraf in Italien, doc. [62] Reflecting the tense "institutional question" of republic vs. monarchy, Umberto when swearing in the Bonomi cabinet allowed the ministers to take either their oaths to himself as the lieutenant general of the realm or to the Italian state; Bonomi himself chose to take his oath to Umberto while the rest of his cabinet chose to take their oaths only to the Italian state. Tommaso Francesco di Savoia, più spesso citato semplicemente come Tomaso di Savoia (Torino, 21 dicembre 1596 – Torino, 22 gennaio 1656), principe di Carignano, marchese di Salussola, marchese di Bosque e di Châtellard, marchese di Racconigi e di Villafranca, gran maestro di Francia, cavaliere dell'Annunziata.. [56] As the Allies pushed northwards, aside from the damage caused by the fighting, the retreating Germans systematically destroyed all of the infrastructure, leading to a humanitarian disaster in the liberated parts. [14] Her attempts were not sponsored by the king and Umberto was not (directly, at least) involved in them. Ultimately, however, Umberto died in Geneva and was interred in Hautecombe Abbey, for centuries the burial place of the members of the House of Savoy. In 1252, Thomas married Beatrice Fieschi, niece of Pope Innocent IV. [42] Naples in 1944 was described as a city without cats or dogs which had all been eaten by the Neapolitans while much of the female population of Naples turned to prostitution in order to survive. [103] It is, however, unclear to what extent such rumours could be substantiated. Tommaso II di Savoia was born in 1199, at birth place, to Tommaso I di Savoia and Beatrix Marquerite de Savoy (born de Génova). [69] After the liberation of Rome on 6 June 1944, the various Italian political parties all applied strong pressure on Umberto to dismiss Badoglio who had loyally served the Fascist regime until the royal coup on 25 July 1943, which resulted in the moderate socialist Ivanoe Bonomi being appointed prime minister. [29] The fact that the majority of the Fascist Grand Council voted for the motion showed just how disillusioned the Fascist gerarchi had become with Mussolini by the summer of 1943. © 2008 - 2020 INTERESTING.COM, INC. [49] Sforza, who tried to interest the British members of the ACC in this plan as he called Victor Emmanuel a "despicable weakling" and Umberto "a pathological case", saying neither were qualified to rule Italy. Almost all of them were refused permission to board, making the struggle to get to the head of the line pointless. [34] Not trusting his son, Victor Emmanuel had told Umberto nothing about his attempts to negotiate an armistice nor about his plans to flee Rome if the Germans should occupy it. The two cities were seeking to force Thomas to acknowledge their independence from Savoy control. To add tests you need to be on Tommaso II's Trusted List. 58, pag 25, #ES Foundation for Medieval Genealogy: COMTES de SAVOIE et de MAURIENNE 1060-1417 - THOMAS de Savoie, Peter der Zweite, Graf von Savoyen, Markgraf in Italien, doc. [20] The Italian plans called for the Regio Esercito to reach the Rhone river valley, which the Italians came nowhere close to reaching, having penetrated only a few miles into France. V, Matthæi Parisiensis, Monachi Sancti Albani, Chronica Majora, vol. Tommaso II di Savoia traduzione nel dizionario italiano - latino a Glosbe, dizionario online, gratuitamente. Mack Smith wrote that he called "some of the more extreme monarchists" expressed doubts about the legitimacy of the referendum, claiming that millions of voters, many of them pro-monarchist, were unable to vote because they had not yet been able to return to their own local areas to register.

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