Giochi VLT


WMG, due to the experience of MAG Elettronica & Cms Gaming, offers a wide variety of titles.

With an average production of 5 titles by year and a timeless success as the Fowl Play series, WMG is in a very strong position to offer engaging contents for the player.
By combining classic games such as poker, innovative games with bonus, games with different pay lines and winning systems, the portfolio of WMG can satisfy every player requirements.
By using titles already well known on the AWP2 market, players will move confidently to the VLT reVoLuTion system.

Chinese Whispers

A title already known in the AWP market and re-proposed in the VLT version with a brand new and captivating graphic

Egypt Adventure

Egypt description

The Fisherman

A title already known in the AWP market and re-proposed in the VLT version with a brand new and captivating graphic

Fowl Play Fever

The great success of Fowl Play Gold reinterpreted in Rock’n Roll style

Montezuma's Treasure

Help the Spanish Conquistador Hernan Cortes to deprive the Aztec king Montezuma of hi riches in the new title Montezuma’s Treasure. Ther is a multilevel bonus game in which the player will have to go through several rooms to find the treasure.

Lucky Aliens

An invasion of cute aliens is coming, explore the universe with them. Based on the mathematics of Big Ghoulies. There is a bonus game phase called “Space Attack”: take aim and hit the Space Invaders enemy spacecraft!

Coffee Gold

It’s time for a good coffee! A nice breakfast awaits you in this new WMG title. Help the bartender to pour the coffee into the cups in the bonus phase called “Coffee Rush”! Each cup will reveal a points win. The innovative feature of this title is the Super Bet phase: an additional level of play, which instead of points or credits uses the Super Bet accumulated through winning combinations of a particular symbol.

Rainbow Gambler Original

Rainbow Gambler Original: rediscover the magic of ancient Irish legends with their elves and pots of gold at the end of the rainbow. There is a bonus game phase, which can be started by extracting certain symbols in the main phase, called “Rainbow Mystery”, in which the player will have to find identical cards to get the prize. It’s possible to try to increase the points by accessing a doubling phase, called “Find the Queen”. The player must discover a card, if the chosen card turns out to be a Queen of Hearts the played amount is doubled.

Diamond Roulette

A classic directly from the casino world, bring a roulette in your VLT room! With the possibility to choose the value of the single chip from 10 to 1000, it is also possible to select the croupier’s language between Italian and English and the color of the game mat.

Fowl Play Gold Original

Fowl Play Gold, a success that comes from afar. Our title boasts countless imitations, but this is the original one and now available on reVoLuTion VLT. Once you’re in the bonus “Hen that lays golden eggs”, the lucky hen will give you an egg and each egg is a prize! Find the diamond egg for the maximum payout!

4 Fowl Play

The fast version of Fowl Play Gold that allows you to play on 4 hands simultaneously. Find the golden goose and receive the prize, look for the diamond egg for maximum payout!

4 Haunted House

After the great success of the Haunted House in the AWP2 market, WMG presents for the VLT platform, a new improved version of the game that allows you to play on 4 hands simultaneously, allowing you to increase your chances of winning.

Big Ghoulies

It resumes the theme of the infested house of the great classic “Haunted House”, in a new and engaging graphic with the same 5×3 scheme. Play your spin and get as many points as you can. Finding five ”House of Death” symbols on the reels, you can challenge the house to win extra points.

Fun Fair Gold

Come to Wmg’s Luna Park! A classic of the past transposed into VLT style, with 5×3 scheme and up to 20 winning lines. Take aim and shoot the ducks to get the prize in the bonus game.

Poker Plus

Meet the thrill of Poker! With two card distributions for each manche, you can make winnings in two modes, JOKER POKER and WILD DEUCES, to double the fun.

Trail Blazer

A Wmg’s success that will bring you in the old Far West between diligence, horses and shootings. Take the road between bandits and Indians! Search for winning combinations on 8 or 16 winning lines, shoot the outlaws that are chasing the diligence to receive a prize.