Sistema VLT

VLT System

Only Certified italian company

WMG is the only Italian company to undertake the testing process at SOGEI laboratories that obtained certification for Italian market. We are pleased to praise an Italian success after 7 years of development.
A completely revolutionary gaming system, which gave idea to brand the gaming platform. A math designed for the player's fun, focusing on entertainment.
WMG develops and manages an high reliability systems for the VLT gaming system (see article 110 paragraph 6B T.U.L.P.S. (VLT))

The system has been implemented with software developed specifically for WMG systems.
High-end hardware and connectivity components have been adopted.

The system allows multiple devices connections from different gaming rooms to a central point where all communications converge.

Information transmission use mpls networks, but virtual private networks are also available.

In addition to random number generation and system database, we provide a web application to monitor and control the entire system.

VLT System structure
The system consists of six main logical components, interconnected and scalable:

For maximum uptime, the system is completely redundant inside a 30 km far location.

Primary Site

The main game was built to optimize the performance of infrastructure as high availability and maximum reliability.
The infrastructure is highly customizable in terms of server power, thanks to its flexibility and scalability.
The addition of new server hardware would allow the connection of a greater number of VLTs, up to a maximum of 2000.
A backup system provides controlled data backup for long-term archiving.

Secondary Site

In addition to the primary site, is installed a recovery system, the secondary site, to guarantee against any not recoverable faults in the primary site.
Switchover to the secondary site is possible at any time by manual intervention.
After a few minutes, the secondary site is able to supply all the services necessary to the enjoyment of the game.

High safety standards:

  • Only authorized persons have access to our data centre
  • Data centres have full video surveillance
  • Data centres have multiple data connectivity paths
  • Continuity of power is guaranteed by extensive use of Uninterruptible Power Supplies
  • Air conditioning and ventilation maintain the temperature and humidity levels within the server rooms
  • Proprietary communication protocols are used throughout, which are encrypted with secure algorithms that guarantee security well in excess of that required by Italian law
  • All installed software is periodically verified to confirm its integrity
  • All hardware and software components have built-in redundancy to prevent problems caused by failure
  • Communications equipment is protected against security attacks by external agents
  • Access to remote systems is only granted to authorized personnel via OTP authentication systems
Web Application reVoLuTion

One of the best features of the reVoLuTion system is that it has been designed for maximum ease of use by the operator of the system, thereby reducing the number of staff required for its management.

The web application also manages various authorization levels for operators, technicians, staff room and system administrators.
Each figure is able, according to the permissions assigned, to access and work with activities such as management, monitoring and reporting.

The most important features of the reVoLuTion web application are:

  • Operators, leases and documentation management
  • Terminals management
  • Accounting room management
  • Download, installation and verification management of games
  • New content upload
  • Jackpot configuration
  • Event logging
  • Errors logging
  • Reports and statistics creation
  • Advanced search functions
reVoLuTion system advantages

The system has been designed to offer to the player an attractive game experience that deeply involve the player into the game.

Due to the experience in the field, operators will find an easy and intuitive management suite, requiring less number resources inside the staff.

  • Double jackpot system
  • Involving player experience
  • Lower taxation, thanks to re-play functions
  • New releases of well-known gaming titles
  • Online control and management
  • Real-time monitoring of gaming systems
  • Advanced reporting for operators and gaming rooms
Extra features
  • 16 titles available now, and other new titles coming every year
  • Two types of cabinet
  • Centralized server for high safety standards and reliability, with built-in redundancy
  • Up to 2000 terminals associated with a regimen of 300 connected terminals